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Guest curator: Elisa Carmichael  
Editor, tasj magazine

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About Elisa

Elisa Carmichael is the editor-in-chief of the tasj magazine and the co-owner of Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

Two years after co-founding Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles with husband Seth at the age of 21, Elisa Carmichael launched tasj magazine, a large-format quarterly art periodical distributed to homes, museums, galleries, auction houses, art fairs, festivals, specialty bookshops, boutique clothing stores, cafés, offices, major talent agencies and other locations in over 150 cities around the world. Elisa divides her time between New York and Los Angeles.

Elisa's selections

Edward Burtynsky

Toronto, ON, Canada


The summer 2012 issue of tasj featured scores of my favorite contemporary photographers, but somehow I managed to leave out Edward Burtynsky, whose work I really, really like (sorry!) There is something wonderfully chilling about his depictions of mines, quarries, shipyards and other industrial environments and the compositional structure of each piece always feels just right.


Mounir Fatmi

Paris, France


Not only do Mounir's works inject a terrific amount of excitement and vitality into the environment in which they are displayed, the viewer experience is always such an actively edifying and engaging one. I was particularly impressed by Oriental Accident, his March 2012 solo at Lombard Freid Projects in New York - the atmosphere created by the show's eponymous piece was electrifying and highly effective.


Gregor Gaida

Bremen, Germany


The combination of understated beauty, intellectual contemplation and technical expertise that is present in all Gregor's work is simply unbelievable. It doesn't matter how significant or small a piece is - this high level of craftmanship and care never wavers, imbuing everything he creates with distinction and value. I was fortunate enough to visit his vast Bremen studio in April and preview some of the pieces that would comprise Greater Rooms of Truth (June 22 - August 4, 2012) at Parotta Contemporary in Stuttgart. As I always find when looking at his work, I was rendered speechless.


Hayv Kahraman

Phoenix, AZ


I have always had a deep appreciation for art that is able to retain aesthetic simplicity whilst expressing complex issues, themes and emotions, so it's not really surprising that I connect to Hayv's work as much as I do. I think the timeless elegance that marks her style and the important messages contained within each piece will play significant roles in the advancement of her career. I was very happy to stumble across some pieces in the booth of The Third Line, her Dubai gallery, at the Independent this March.


Aakash Nihalani

New York, NY


I know just about every piece Aakash has made, both on the street and in his studio, since 2008, and I love them all. I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have had to work with him to date, because I truly believe he is one of the most talented and creative young artists working in New York today. Look out for big things from him in the future!


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