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Guest curator: Natalie Shau  
Vilnius, Lithuania artist

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About Natalie

Natalie Shau is illustrator and photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania. Her digital masterpieces have graced the pages of the French Vogue Magazine during a Lydia Courteille jewellery campaign and her extensive client list of music labels includes Island Def Jam, Sony Music Entertainment (formerly “Sony BMG”) Century Media and Nuclear Blast.

Gothic horror fiction, fairy tales and Russian classics (e.g. Dostoevsky and Gogol) are among the influences she lists for her surreal and strange creations. Shau uses a range of media, mixing photography, digital painting and 3D. The quality she seeks is “at once fragile and powerful”.

Natalie's selections

Anne Siems

Seattle, WA


This artist combines everything i love so much, romantic portrait painting, dreamy landscapes, ghostly ethereal figures. Anne's portraits also remind me of sea creatures, transparent magic jellyfish. What can be more beautiful?


Christian Tagliavini

Lugano, Switzerland


What can i say, i love portrait photography, i love classic light, i love historical costumes and i love photo art! Christian Tagliavini is a brilliant photographer with endless imagination, his use of shapes, colors and light is stunning.


Lisa Falzon

Cork, Ireland


I know Lisa's work for many years, as we publish our works on the same art site. I think she is great illustrator. She uses similar techniques as i use for my own illustrations, I really admire her for her sweet style and imagination.


Brooke Shaden

Los Angeles, CA


Brooke creates stunning atmosphere, her photography is so surreal and dreamy. Her woks just take you inside and whisper strange stories.


Oleg Dou

Moscow, Russia


He is just simply one of my favorite photo artists since 2006! I think there is no need to write why! His flawlessly executed portraits of alien like people just take your breath away.


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