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Guest curator: Mary Iverson  
Seattle, WA artist

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About Mary

Mary Iverson received a BFA in design from received Cornish College of the Arts in 1995 and an MFA in painting from University of Washington seven years later.

Initially a plein air painter, the focus of her work gradually shifted toward the colorful and geometric aspects of shipping containers, and the shipping industry at large.

Iverson has won several awards and her work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries across the Pacific Northwest, including Museum of Northwest Art, Kittredge Gallery at the University of Puget Sound, and Gage Academy of Art.

Mary's selections

Aakash Nihalani

New York, NY


I really love the way Aakash’s work uses the site as a background, letting the characteristics of the street be a part of the work. I am inspired by the work’s simplicity and the questions it raises about materials and background vs. painted surface.


Duncan Johnson

Hartford, VT


Duncan’s use of materials and geometry creates a gorgeous pattern. The woodworking process creates such crisp geometry; I am surprised by how he makes this precision feel soft and subtle.


Tim Yankosky

Fort Lauderdale, FL


I was tickled to learn that the materials used in Tim’s geometric constructions were vintage measuring tapes; this appeals to my affinity for measurement and accuracy. I also love how the simple shapes emphasize the unique beauty of a sharp edge or corner on a geometric solid.


Daniel McFarlane

Gainesville, FL


I am intrigued by the ambiguous space described by Daniel’s geometric constructions. It is hard to tell if these works are paintings, photographs, or assemblages, but this is what makes them even more interesting to me. I appreciate the mystery.


Susan Dory

Seattle, WA


Susan’s work explores the infinite possibilities offered by one simple shape. I appreciate how she builds complexity out of simplicity in her work by using repetition, overlap, and transparency.


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