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Guest curator: Jennifer van Tuyl  
Founder, Urban Art House

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About Jennifer

Jennifer van Tuyl is the founder of the Urban Art House, an art agency covering art in ideas, concepts, showcases and marketing of creative artists outside the traditional gallery format.

“I have started my career as a marketing and branding specialist, managing my own creative agency where the universal question: Why can’t we do it differently? was tackled every day. At every art fair or show I go to art is being displayed in a standard setting and ambiance. There is no discussion about this. I found it my responsibility to create different views and 360-degree feedback on showcasing – with keeping the integrity of the artwork and artist in tact.”

Jennifer's selections

Joe Black

London, UK


I really enjoy Black’s incredible images. He uses unusual materials to create larger than life portraits of icons that are uniquely striking and provoking.


Jeremy Mann

San Francisco, CA


Mann’s modern cityscapes are hauntingly beautiful that are visually engaging and creates a sense of living in a dream. I’m a big admirer of this Impressionist master of the 21st century.


Edouard Mortec

Paris, France


Mortec’s images are intriguing yet suggestive. His work brings imagination into a void within, blending worlds to a timeless experience. Mortec’s work makes me keep looking at it - every time.


Russ Mills

Brighton, UK


Beautiful combination of fine art and contemporary graphics to the new. It’s a perfect collision of different techniques, with abstract nuances in an urban twist.


Janet Echelman

Brookline, MA


She brings light into the world in a beautiful way. I love the simplicity and power of her large scale installations.


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