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Gregor Gaida  Bremen, Germany


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About Gregor

Gregor was born in Chorzow, Poland and completed an apprenticeship as wood sculptor in Flensburg, Germany. He currently lives and works in Bremen, Germany where he is currently pursuing a masters degree. His work will be exhibited at Galerie ADLER in 2010 and was recently show at Galerie Epikur in Wuppertal, Germany.

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Elisa Carmichael

Editor, tasj magazine

"The combination of understated beauty, intellectual contemplation and technical expertise that is present in all Gregor's work is simply unbelievable. It doesn't matter how significant or small a piece is - this high level of craftmanship and care never wavers, imbuing everything he creates with distinction and value. I was fortunate enough to visit his vast Bremen studio in April and preview some of the pieces that would comprise Greater Rooms of Truth (June 22 - August 4, 2012) at Parotta Contemporary in Stuttgart. As I always find when looking at his work, I was rendered speechless."

Seth Orion Schwaiger

Glasgow, Scotland artist

"Surprisingly, the work pictured here is some of Gaida’s least haunting. What I truly enjoy about Gaida’s work is its confidence. He is a master of his craft but refuses to let that be enough. He uses his toolset to create unique, dramatic sculptures that frequently break the borders of the pedestal and seem to engage with our reality directly. It is easy to fall under the illusion that these works are self-willed entities, a fact that surprisingly holds true even for his non-human forms."

Christy Lee Rogers

Los Angeles, CA Artist

"Gregor Gaida’s work really moves me. It conjures up so many powerful feelings. The innocence, joy and wonder of childhood through a dignified and sensitive lens. It is so basic, but in all the best ways. It makes one reflect on their own life journey and development, like all the best art."

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"Really captures the innocence and joy of childhood. The pose is excellent"

"fun work! haha Good!!! love it!"


"So Dynamic.. i love it. Reminds us of our chilhood and how on some warm days we'd go outside and draw on the sidewalk. Very moving. Wonderful."

"The things art teaches you by just looking at them."

"Haven't seen such skill since looking at pieces from the old masters for art survey. Easily could contend with works in the MET. Incredible!! Funny how he's not getting the attention that some of the more 'contemporary' artist are. Sad, that true skill and talent are overlooked. Abstract is not nearly as challenging as realism...Incredible talent, I can't wait to see more!!"

"oh my gosh.I LOVE this!!! the top is my favorite."

"Breathtaking. I've NEVER seen anything like this. Amazing job."

"The echos of a human child. Resoundingly beautiful."

"esta hermoso me encanta es lo mas bonito que e bisto"

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