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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I get the donate message to not show up each time I click on the artist's links?

A: Once you register for an account, and are signed into the site, the donation dialog no longer shows.

Q: How do I submit my work?

A: For now we aren't accepting submissions directly but check back and we may open submissions again in the future.

Q: Why don't you list the medium of the work?

A: We don't intend to provide a deep review of the work. The artist's own sites contain much more info than we could hope to display. If you like their work, we strongly encourage you to click through to see much more detail.

Q: I left a comment but I don't see it?

A: All comments are moderated for spam. Objectionable comments may be deleted at our discretion. Negative comments are allowed but attacks of artists and their work will get your comment removed.

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