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Kelly McKernan  Atlanta, GA

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About Kelly

Kelly McKernan is an artist and illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia who has, since her youth, possessed the ambition to be a full time creator. She is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While her training was in traditional painting, her focus has been in mixed media, specifically in combining film photography and advanced darkroom techniques with aqueous media painting. Over the last two years, Kelly has received local, national, and international recognition for her unique work, has been printed in a number of major publications, and is currently showing with several notable galleries. She is also a member of the Cheap Paper artist collective.

Kelly’s work is defined by internal struggle in its many forms through personal growth. She illustrates various situations for her female protagonists to interact with through symbolic elements in vague settings. These scenes often comment on the operating consequences of idealism and fantasy due to naivety and youth with two opposing forces at work: natural inclination versus cognitive reasoning. These rival dualities are further represented by stylistic differences and the contrasting mediums of photography and painting. There is deeply personal meaning to be found as the multi-layered struggles depicted in her current body of work reflect her interests and concerns as a growing woman with a penchant for idealism.

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"The second picture reminds me of a women hooking men, staring at the only as prey. . .I like it."

"I would love to have these paintings."

"I really love the work put into this! So creative but enthusiastically dreadful! So....i can't explain it, it's so beautiful"

"im in love with the second one. the pops of color makes it well pop! and the sketch of the girl is fantastic!"

"love the 2nd pic"

"Kelly McKernan I think your work is beautiful and absolutely full of depth, it has caught my eye and moved me like no other in quit some time. This is premature because I have only seen these two, however this is the way these make me feel. Caleb, NY,"

"An artist is an individual who can express himself through any type of medium. I see this as a work from your dreams where many people would not understand "the words behind your art". One must remember that art is the individual and critisisms of an artists' work only show a bit of close-mindedness. Good work of "YOU""

"i absolutly love this. so inspirational. cant take my eyes off the picture. every time i look at it i see i new perstactive."

"I like the art but the description (or artist statement) doesn't fit the work. I don't see how this art deals with cognitive reasoning vs. natural inclination. I would say it has more to do with nature and reminds you to like look at the beauty of nature more. I don't see an inner conflict within the female protagonists. They seem free because they are one with nature. It just has something more to do with water and nature...and not psychology."

"Whimsical and idealist, as if the woman in each picture is searching for 'something' beyond her reach. Almost dreamlike. Reminds me of something in a children's story like 'Alice in Wonderland'"

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