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Guest curator: Nick Patten  
Hudson, NY artist

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About Nick

Nick Patten, a contemporary realist painter, is a native of Troy, New York, he received a B.A. in Fine Arts from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. People love the mysterious light in his paintings, and one art critic referred to him as an “American Vermeer.”

He has also been referred to as a Master of Light and Shadow because of the style of his paintings. Recently one of his paintings was accepted into the permanent collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in Provincetown MA.

Nick's selections

Scott Prior

Northampton, MA


The first experience I had with Scott Prior's work was when I came upon Nanny and Rose, a very large painting that is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I was stunned. I felt like I was looking at a classical painting, rendered in a contemporary language. He can paint anything, but of all the genres he works in, his landscapes are my favorite. Using enhanced color, somehow he paints scenes in a very believable way. I feel like I'm on the beach or in the mountains, wherever he puts me as a viewer, I am there.


Matthew Cornell

Louisville, KY


I think I discovered Matthew's work on line before seeing a painting in person. I used to visit Arcadia Gallery in Soho whenever I was in NYC and that is where I saw his work for real. Most of the paintings I have seen in person were of scenes of suburbia, often at night or dusk. His observations and painting skill clearly allow him to make these pictures become site specific and universal, at the same time. I know I'm looking at a particular house, but I could also be looking at a house anywhere in America.


Bernardo Torrens

Madrid, Spain


Coming upon a Bernardo Torrens painting for the first time is a unique experience... or so it was for me. At first I questioned what I was looking at, I knew it was a painting however there was no evidence of that by looking at the surface. His mastery of his medium is second to none. Often with a restrained palette, the way Torrens portrays the figure elevates it to a level that I have rarely seen. I am always drawn to the choices he makes. The elegance of his work speaks for itself.


Daniel Sprick

Glenwood Springs, CO


Daniel Sprick is one of the most highly regarded realist painters in America today. The level of depth and craft that he brings to each work is truly stunning. What is most rewarding about experiencing a Sprick painting is the feeling that the craft is only there to support the expression of his imagery. He will go to any length to show us the painting he wanted to make. Daniel's paintings are fully realized, and that effort results in a beauty that is all its own.


Jeremy Geddes

Melbourne, Australia


Jeremy is the only painter in my selection whose work I have not seen in person but I had to include him because his images are so extraordinary. From the single bird appearing out of a rich black background to a young girl in flight having exploded (it seems) through a wall, his images are flawless and extremely compelling. He is another painter who takes no shortcuts to his goal, and although these are paintings that may come from dreams, the reality he presents is timeless.


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