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Guest curator: Marjorie Hodges  
Co-Founder, Former Director with NC Museum of Art

About Marjorie

A long-time museum professional and community leader, Marjorie Hodges has advocated for emerging contemporary artists by curating and facilitating significant exhibitions for Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum, Flanders Gallery and the North Carolina Museum of Art. She helped secure significant public art installations and acquisitions for the Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park and continues to support public art initiatives. Today, she works as an independent art consultant, serving as an advisor for both private collectors and corporate collection projects including Capitol Broadcasting Company, Red Hat, Kane Realty Group, American Tobacco Campus, Citrix and more. At the heart of all of her efforts is a deep passion for arts and culture and a commitment to support charitable organizations including regional museums, Dix Park, Frankie Lemmon Foundation, Art of Cool Project and more.

Marjorie's selections

Gabriel Dawe

Dallas, TX


Gabriel is a friend and a most thoughtful artist. His dramatic installations mimic spectrums of light using vivid thread sourced from North Carolina. All who encounter his works are wowed. Some try to walk through the threads, because they believe it to be a "living rainbow". All over the world, his Plexus installations have inspired, including at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh.


Hank Willis Thomas

New York, NY


Hank is one of the most important artists working today. Through his public art installations and collaborative projects with For Freedoms and Wide Awakes 2020, he is inspiring an international wave of joyful, art activism. I am so fortunate to know him and to have worked with him on the Love Over Rules project in North Carolina.


Maya Freelon

Durham, NC


Maya Freelon is a brilliant artist. She created a new artform --tissue paper monoprints--using recycled tissue paper in all of her artwork. Her large tissue paper installations use innovative techniques, as well as, those of traditional quilt making. Many of her projects are collaborative and involve community participation. For many reasons, Maya is an artist to follow and collect.


Patrick Dougherty

Chapel Hill, NC


Patrick is extraordinary. He has constructed mammoth stick sculptures all over the world. Patrick is more than an artist-- he's an architect and a naturalist. With his son Sam as his assistant, he travels the world creating site-specific installations that are one with nature and totally awe inspiring. I know him well and always wonder how he builds these marvelous structures using simple bending and weaving techniques. Look him up for sure and visit one of his many public art installations. I worked with the indoor installation at the NCMA for five years and it never ceased to amaze me.


Shaun Richards

Raleigh, NC


Shaun is a highly proficient artist that I have worked with for over a decade. His painterly skills are exceptional and his use of text and figures remarkable. Shaun's content is relevant, provocative, and sharp. Over time his concepts have changed, but his undeniable talent jumps off of the canvas.


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