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Guest curator: Robert Standish  Los Angeles, CA artist

Robert's selections

Richard Mosse

New York, NY

"Excellent realistic captures coupled with the surreal to make the sureal of the real seem more real. Powerful! Ck out his website."

Kevin Cyr

Brooklyn, NY

"His work is the right mix of cool , crisp, and contemplative. I like how it makes me think of how an appreciation of something sometimes has to go through certain filters of time. Cy's work is a reminder to view the new, the mundane and even the bane in our surroundings as openly as possible ."

Patrick Martinez

Los Angeles, CA

"Martinez's work has many elements that make it effective… witty and ironic social commentary, hustle and sophistication and a self respect that makes his diciplined talent flow without interuption. His piece The 1992 Los Angeles Riots” neon, plex and enamel paint 2012 is one of my favorite examples along with "real life still life", " I'm a fighter not a lover" and " I'm a lover not a fighter"."

Araminta de Clermont

London, UK

"I'm drawn to the subject matter she chooses and her ability to translate it into highly succesful portraits. Be sure to read her commentary on her website for additional impact."

Anouk Kruithof

Brooklyn, NY

"Multi talented and very book smart ;)"

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