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Guest curator: Handiedan  
Amsterdam, The Netherlands artist

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About Handiedan

HANDIEDAN is an Amsterdam based artist and designer. In 2002 she graduated in photographic design at the Academy of Arts and Design St. Joost in the Netherlands. Although her degree says photography, she has also become well versed in apparel design as well as creating her own fine art.

HANDIEDAN’s mixed media artworks are a delicate cut and paste mixture wrapped in contemporary antiquity. She meticulously combines classic pin-ups and movie images with paint, ink, yellowed sheet music, old fashioned playing cards, money, stamps, Chinese papers, old wood, rusty metal and doodles as a playful mixture of filigree and a newfangled amalgamation of imagery.

Handiedan's selections


London, UK


The japanese influances, layers, and the use of a main image is very striking. Its in your face but delicatly attracts the attention to the surrounding layes and smaller details that builds his work as a whole. I love the more than meets the eye perspective, that every texture used has content. Its very raw but fragile and delicate. The hint of contemparyry feel of his images with the use street art teqniques and elements to lift them to a nother dimension is very powerfull. The whirr in his work creates a story like its alive and like it to has lived through time. ITs buzzing but serene. Interesting development from his earlier works till now.


Jeff Soto

Riverside, CA


What attracts me to his work is the usage of his subject matter and technique. The fascinating hinting happy notes in some of his work. The use of cartooneque caracters and they way they elicit a aray of feelings. The organic and fluffy figures have a high cuddle and candy quality. The dreaminess of his subject matter whoing like a far away land, the way layers and transparancy in his work strenthengs this. An intrique cobination between happy and darker notes.


Lindsey Carr

Glasgow, Scotland


Her work is so delicate yet so strong. Her work has aesthetic and every piece has a deep and unique story. Its like a bouquet with diverse elements and theme’s. Human meets nature. I find the combination of themes grabbing, it hightens the curiousity. The antique feeling with elements of beauty and decay, is both beautyfull and touching. The use of goldleaf in some of her paintings gives it on top of everything else something majestic. The time, love and study’s that went into creating a piece, its felt throughout and just oozes from the images. The use of warmth and rich tones gives her images that extra heartbeat.


Brian Dettmer

Atlanta, GA


The altering and transformation of vintage books into intricate and innovative new sculptures is inspiring. The usage of unique literature itself, the extensive study and his reaction to this, shows extensive concentration. Through the pages he finds a perfect balance between conceptions and explores an new way of looking into literal imagery like a puzzle. The journey into unvealing a concealed story is so strong, it illuminates a new way of looking at books. He has evolved in the greatest sense in finding the hidden treasures books provide. A mind bogling and facinating use of old materials which shows a creativeness swayed to his hand. He carves and sculps away into a new dimention which elevates the reader between the lines, to a higher unseen level.


Sylvia Ji

Los Angeles, CA


Her feminane portraits with the use of Dia de los Muertos imagery combined with is native and cultural infuances is very strong. It captures themes and influances that tips a broad palette from renanisance, beauty, decay, delicacy to passion. The strong use of cadre and editorial fashion poses is very appealing and demands attention. It portrais strength but also the fragility and powerfull sensual notes of feminity. Appealing use of primary colour is supportive to her very powerful, strong, seductive and sensual painted portraits.


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