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Guest curator: Megan Lange  
Artist / Co-Owner, Robert Lange Studios

About Megan

Megan Lange is an artist and co-owner of Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC where they provide a platform for experimentation that gives exposure to diverse and dynamic art practices developing locally, regionally, and around the world. She earned a BFA in Fine Arts & Journalism from the University of New Hampshire. Her work has been exhibited across the US and was published in numerous publications including American Art Collector and National Geographic Traveler.

Megan's selections

Henrik Uldalen

Oslo, Norway


I wept, literally wept, looking at an Instagram post from Henrik once - it was titled “Efflux" if you’re curious. In that painting, as well as so many others from him, he somehow (I’m guessing black magic but that can’t be confirmed) painted a person’s soul. I just kept staring at it thinking that it was the most magical thing I had ever seen captured in paint.


Daniel Sprick

Glenwood Springs, CO


You’ll often see artists gesturally painting a figure that fades unfinished into the background. Well Daniel Sprick, in addition to being one of the most precisely detailed still life artists out there, does this in way that makes me think the figure is absorbing the paint from the canvas to pump through his or her veins.


Jeremy Geddes

Melbourne, Australia


Void, desolate, somber, basically think of any word that means sad, and you’re describing a Jeremy Geddes’ painting. They embody every poem you’ve ever written, every feeling you’ve ever had of being alone, every fear you’ve felt of abandonment and in doing that they are perfect representations of the search for solace, which is essentially the human struggle. By the way, “Perfect Vacuum” is the painting of all paintings ever painted - it’s magnificent.


Alyssa Monks

New York, NY


I think a lot of people fell in love Alyssa’s moody shower scenes, I mean how could you not, they are sexy and bold and absolutely beautifully painted. I however, probably because I am admittedly an insecure woman, thought initially that they were too sexy and bold for my personal taste. Then, hold the phone, I saw Alyssa’s TedTalk and her new body of work. She was humble and real and she melted every fiber of my catty painting jealousy and introduced me to a body of work, her new body of work, that sang of humanity and nature and unconditional love. I was so humbled by her paintings, so awestruck that I can honestly say that her paintings from 2015 changed my life and helped me process grief.


Bo Bartlett

Vashon, WA


Spoiler alert, if you ask ten artists who inspires them, half will answer Bo Bartlett. As a gallery owner you can divide artists into two categories: what and how. Often it is about “how" an artist actually applies the paint that makes them special or it’s “what" they choose as their subject. Bo Bartlett has both, this is a rare thing. The way he paints is completely unique as well as what he chooses to paint. In his work he’s chronicling our American story and our shared history. Being from Maine and growing up in the land of Wyeth, I feel like it’s safe to say that Bo Bartlett picked up the story where Andrew left off.


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