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Guest curator: Marco Mazzoni  
Milan, Italy artist

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About Marco

Marco Mazzoni was born in 1982 in Tortona, Italy, and is currently based in Milan. In 2007, he received a bachelor’s degree in painting from Brera Art Academy in Milan. Mazzoni holds a strong interest in medicinal properties of plants and the female herbalists of 16th—18th Century Sardinia who conserved their culture through oral traditions. His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and the United States.

Marco's selections

Audrey Kawasaki

Brooklyn, NY

"She is an icon, don't have to say anymore"

Kenichi Hoshine

New York, NY

"He speaks about contemporary life, faded postcards of life and people… I wish I could have his sensitivity technique."

Martin Wittfooth

Brooklyn, NY

"I think he's one of the best contemporary colorists, and his concept is very strong, revolutionary in some way, because he speaks about another possible world."

Gehard Demetz

Selva di Val Gardena, Italy

"He's a sculptor who has been able to create something different with the human figure… It's strange but when I see his work I can see that his work is Italian and smells of Italy. An important thing for me is to feel the genius loci of an artist"

Mary Iverson

Seattle, WA

"I love this artist. I work with the same Denmark gallery and the first time I saw her work live, I was fascinated by her compositional rigor."

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