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Guest curator: Dennis Ammann  
Owner, 5 Pieces Gallery

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About Dennis

Dennis Ammann is the owner of 5 Pieces Gallery, a successful online gallery based out of Switzerland.

Global in its outlook, the 5 Pieces Gallery is internationally engaged in the presentation and dissemination of young contemporary art in the media of painting, drawing, print and photography. With a fresh focus on the most exciting and innovative artistic talents working around the world, the 5 Pieces Gallery has established itself quickly as an international meeting place for artists, collectors and aficionados of the arts with satisfied clients in more than 50 countries around the world.

Dennis's selections

Anthony Lister

Brisbane, Australia


Everything on Anthony Listers work is so unique, he is definitely one of the most defining artists of our time. And Anthony himself is almost as interesting as his art.


Matt Small

London, UK


Matt's paintings on found objects collected from the streets are truly honest observations of real people full of humanity and respect. I really like his work as it's very complex and difficult, he doesn't pander to any conventions.


Jesse Reno

Portland, OR


We are working with Jesse Reno since the beginning and he has always been a reliable artist and good friend to us. His paintings are beyond any media or general social stereotype, Jesse creates his own world full of myths and symbols.


Brett Amory

San Francisco, CA


You walk past a hundred, a thousand people every day without noticing more than a handful: the tramp, the loud one, the garish one, the beautiful one. But if you stop and look at any of the other ones, you see that they, too, are individuals – human beings and that is all what Brett's fine work is all about.


Matthew Cusick

Dallas, TX


Matthew has a very interesting way of work, he meticulously slices segments of antiquated cartographic works including those of old encyclopedias, textbooks, roadmaps, and atlases in order to layer small clippings into lively, familiar forms of humans, animals, water and landforms. I just adore this contrast of order and chaos.


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