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Guest curator: Liz Stinson  
Writer, WIRED Design

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About Liz

Liz Stinson is a Brooklyn based writer for WIRED magazine’s design vertical covering art, design, technology and where they all intersect. Prior to her position at WIRED she help positions at Variety, Paste and ELLE magazines.

Liz earned a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Liz's selections

Stephan Zirwes

Stuttgart, Germany

"Zirwes captures the unseen patterns of our world by hanging out of a helicopter and snapping perspective-bending photographs. His images are a lens onto random and manmade beauty, and they hit on my love for unexpected patterns."

Nick Veasey

Maidstone, Kent, UK

"Nick Veasey's work is technologically complex, but its visual appeal is simple and obvious. The x-ray images are a reminder of the hidden levels of complexity in objects that would otherwise go unnoticed."

Janet Echelman

Brookline, MA

"The best thing about Janet Echelman's netted sculptures is the moment of discovery. I love the idea of stumbling across mesmerizing, technicolored nets floating in the sky, particularly at night when they're lit up like a glowing yarn constellation."

Scott Blake

Omaha, NE

"At face value, Scott Blake's barcode art is fun to look at, but it's the research and interactivity woven into each piece that makes them really compelling. Each of his portraits is comprised of barcodes that are associated with the portrait subject, which end up telling a fascinating narrative about the person pictured."

Irby Pace

Denton, TX

"I like how irreverent Pace's work is. In addition to these photos of smoke erupting from unknown sources, he's also hacked his way into grabbing thousands of photos taken on public Apple Store devices. Hilariously brilliant."

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