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Guest curator: Walter Martin  
Musician, The Walkmen

About Walter

Walter Martin was a co-founder, co-writer, and multi-instrumentalist for the hugely popular indie rock band The Walkmen. Since going solo in 2014, his music been hailed by NPR All Things Considered, the New York Times, Pitchfork, and USA Today among many others. He released his second album ‘Arts & Leisure’ on January 29, 2016, a record about his lifelong love of art and art history.

Walter's selections

Ana Serrano

Portland OR

"I love all of the colors in Ana Serrano's work. She has a way of finding all of those magical color combinations that somehow fall together in the real world. Everything she does is so filled with life and humor. I love it."

Andrea Kowch

Detroit, MI

"These painting remind me of J.W. Waterhouse and the other pre­Raphaelites. I always loved that stuff. It's all so odd and dreamlike and pretty. My favorite Kowch picture is called Dream Chaser. I can't tell what's happening exactly but it's beautiful and the colors are incredible-- ­­so warm, like those great dark moments before a summer afternoon storm. Wait, maybe that's what's happening!"

Lu Cong

Denver, CO

"Lu Cong's paintings are stunning. The photographic clarity makes the subjects feel real and almost nightmarish ­ so familiar and so unsettling. All of those wonderful cool colors create an otherworldly beauty and tranquility. It's exciting when portrait paintings offer something so totally new and unexpected."

Edward Burtynsky

Toronto, ON, Canada

"Some of my favorite Edward Burtynsky photographs are pretty terrifying once you get past how beautiful they are. Somehow, through his lens, all of the horrors of industry look very beautiful. The world he sees looks entirely unfamiliar to me ­­ like some distant planet. Unfortunately it is our planet."

Sarah Ann Loreth

Hudson, NH

"My favorite Sarah Ann Loreth pictures are in the series called Memories of You ­ interior portraits that remind me of those Vermeer pictures of women alone in a room, caught in a reflective moment. I love the soft light and the deep....deep.....quiet."

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