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Guest curator: Erin Nathanson  
Owner, The Southern gallery

About Erin

Curator and gallerist Erin Nathanson opened The Southern alongside her husband, Justin Nathanson in January 2016. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, The Nathansons’ exhibitions focus on quality of life, racial tensions, the human condition, and stereotypes existing in the South. Their exhibit, “Inherited Truths | Inherited Prides,” for Satellite Art Show during Art Basel 2016 caught the attention of the public including Artnet News, ArteFuse, Burnaway, American Photo Mag, Playboy, and more. And, most recently, their exhibition of works by artist Juan Logan drew critical acclaim in Artforum and Hyperallergic. Prior to establishing The Southern, Erin held directorial positions for the City of Charleston’s City Gallery as well as the ArtFields visual arts competition and festival based in Lake City, South Carolina.

Erin's selections

Fabian Williams

Atlanta, GA


I appreciate Fabian's work for many reasons -the mysticism behind each piece, this "all knowing" elevated sense you receive from the thoughtfulness behind each drawing to installation he creates is very special.


Danny Ferrell

Pittsburgh, PA


I hate to admit that the word "beauty" comes to mind before anything else while viewing Danny's work, but in times like these I want to be captivated. Danny offers his viewer a fantastical look at his experiences as a queer male, raised in a society where identifying as gay was something to "fear" and not to "behold" - this is why I find beauty in his work, it is not just the colors, or technical skill, it is the presence of love and vulnerability he shares through his subjects that pull me in.


Christina A. West

Atlanta, GA


Christina's sculptures are a clash of roman sculpture and psychedelic art. The addition of neon "footies" on her figures to the slicing of busts revealing pools of color are a kaleidoscope for the viewer's mind. This work makes me happy.


Jordan Tiberio

New York, NY


Jordan creates a "still life" out of what is around her. Presenting people, colors, shadows, and objects in a fresh way by manipulating what the lens would traditionally capture. The resulting work is very clever.


Dorothy Netherland

Charleston, SC


'F*ckkkkkk' is my usual expression after studying a work by Dorothy. The collaged works entrance me and I am pulled into a maze shooting my gaze from one edge to the next trying to make sense of the world she has created. I am not only impressed by the patience behind each piece, but the artist's ability to still create a composition and narrative through these intense, color-packed images.


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