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Guest curator: Andrew Hosner  
Owner, Thinkspace Gallery

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About Andrew

Founded in Los Angeles in 2005, and located in the Culver City art district since 2009, Thinkspace was established with a commitment to the promotion and dissemination of young and emerging art. The gallery is a catalytic conduit for the emerging art scene, and is dedicated to the exposure of its tenets and its artists. This movement, straddled between popular culture, graphic art, design, and street art, is subject to steadily increasing global expansion, and is in need of institutional advocates. Thinkspace is positioned to create opportunities and a visible platform for its recognition and proliferation. The movement is young, but significant, and Thinkspace’s aim is to establish both a curatorial forum and a collector base for its output. As an institution, Thinkspace is committed to vision, risk, and the exceptional talents that wield it. From the streets, to the gallery, from the “margins”, to the white cube, Thinkspace is re-envisioning what it means to be “institutional”. As a haven for talent, and a venue founded in passion, conviction, and community, the gallery’s mandate is rooted in projections for its future longevity. We intend to be a vehicle for the talents we vet for year’s to come, and are passionate advocates for their vision and their dreams.

Andrew's selections

Audrey Kawasaki

Brooklyn, NY


I remember first being exposed to Audrey's work by our friend Blaine Fontana who gave us the postcard to her debut solo show in Long Beach at a lil' clothing boutique called Black Market. Blaine was showing that night at Black Market's LA location in his debut LA solo show and we purchased a piece that night and took him up on his recommendation as we really liked the piece profiled on the showcard. We went down the following weekend to the exhibit and picked up our first piece from Audrey and were lucky enough to meet her and her mother that evening and we've been building our relationship ever since. We featured her work in our first group show back in 2005 and have had the pleasure of watching her work and fanbase grow continually over the past 8 years. Her work is the perfect marriage of design and traditional portraiture and we're so thrilled to see her getting the kudos she so rightfully deserves from press and larger collectors the world over.


Mary Iverson

Seattle, WA


I was first exposed to Mary's work a few years ago online and then started seeing it pop up at galleries like Shooting Gallery and the like and then her recent feature in Juxtapoz really helped to expose 'her world' in a grander fashion. From that point on we were hooked and wanted to do more to help expose her work on an international level. We're excited by a couple of big shows we have coming up with her in 2013 and 2014 and feel her work is some of the most poignant and 'now' work we exhibit. At the root of her work is a very powerful reminder that we humans are only gracing this planet for a short time in the grand scheme of things and that we need to be mindful of how we treat Mother Earth before nature takes it all back from us.


Esao Andrews

Los Angeles, CA


Esao's work was one of the first original pieces of art my wife and I added to our collection over a decade ago (back when you could still buy small originals from Esao directly off his website, ah the good ol' days haha). I've watched Esao become one of the leading voices in the pop surrealism genre over the past decade and relish in the fact that he has only just begun to tap into his creative reservoir. I find myself continually excited by the notion of all that is to come from this amazing young talent. I trust we will be inspired and amazed by Esao's work for many decades to come. His is an imagination that only grows stronger with each passing day and new discovery.


Brian Viveros

Riverside, CA


Happy to say I've been a long-standing member of Viveros' Smoking Arm-me for sometime now and it is an extreme honor to work so closely with the man. I remember first coming across his work back at Copro Gallery back when they were in a lil' hole of a place off of Sepulveda (before their big move to Bergamot). Brian used to also show at Art At Large in NYC where John John Jesse got his start and my wife and I used to love viewing his early works online there. When we had the chance to begin working with Brian on a larger scale we had to pinch ourselves. It's been so rewarding to watch how far he's taken his work in the past few years. Really pushing himself to get stronger and stronger. We just returned from showcasing a new body of work from him at SCOPE in Miami during Art Basel week and can confidently say that he has one hell of a year ahead of him after his work shined so brightly on that international stage.


Fuco Ueda

Tochigi, Japan


I have been a huge fan of Fuco's work since first coming across it many years ago on the internet. We added a piece to our collection when she showed alongside Audrey Kawasaki a number of years ago at a small gallery in the outskirts of LA (out in Alhambra of all places). We've been lucky enough to keep in touch with her, and it has been a long process of much back and forth, but we are thrilled to be bringing her work back to Los Angeles coming up in the spring of 2014. She's currently preparing for her solo show in Japan opening soon and I am looking forward to seeing what she creates for her return to the LA market in 2014. Ueda is definitely an artist to watch in my eyes and one that has become increasingly popular in recent years in the very important Asian market.


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