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Guest curator: Scott Naismith  
Glasgow, Scotland artist

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About Scott

Scott, a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, has been painting professionally since 2000 and lecturing since 2003. Scott has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK including the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) in London. He has developed a strong worldwide following via his YouTube channel which documents his processes and ground breaking colour theory.

Scott’s love for his native Scottish countryside is portrayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the colour with palette knife and brush. His depictions of ethereal light emerging from transient skies refer to themes of optimism and hope. These moments also provide Scott a platform to experiment with light and colour.

His recent depictions of the Sottish Highlands and Islands have become increasingly involved in the tactile, viscous properties of oil paint and the painting surface itself. His obsession with colour is explored with both subtle and bold modulations of hue as the paint is layered in generous and juicy blocks and softened with diaphanous glazes.

Scott's selections

David Mach

London, UK


My only feature that is not a painter tells you how much I like Scottish sculptor David Mach's work. As well as reminding me of 'Pinhead' from 80's movie 'Hellraiser', his coat hanger sculptures resonate with me in their ability to obscure well crafted work in a way that adds to their intrigue. The needle like protrusions paradoxically soften the edges of the figures and create a beautiful aura. Deconstruction themes are also at play in his matchstick heads which he sets alight. I like when artists are not afraid to destroy their painstaking process for more visual appeal.


Matt Small

London, UK


I have a real love for work that controls the uncontrollable. Organised chaos I find compelling. To take a deliberate idea and make it appear accidental or spontaneous. Matt's work does all this at the same time as celebrating the medium of paint. I'm a colour junkie and I love his relationships of saturated and unsaturated colour.


Samantha Keely Smith

Brooklyn, NY


To comfortably occupy the zone between representation and abstraction is an ability to be admired. You often want to see more subject or more embellishment. With samantha's work I am drawn to appreciate the ethereal, Turner-like translucent atmosphere while my mind asks just the right amount of questions. Great handling and fusing of the different mediums.


David Jon Kassan

Brooklyn, NY


Being a 'YouTuber' myself, I came across David's videos and was in real admiration of his technique. I love the relationship between his grunge abstract environment and his meticulous detailed and lifelike figures. I detect the Mark Rothko influence and I like what he does with his edges.


Daniel Ochoa

San Francisco, CA


Like David Mach, I love Daniel's readiness to deconstruct his well handled, painterly craft. Fragmenting his images through his unique layering and masking process. I also love the subtlety with which he handles his tertiary hues.


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