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Guest curator: Sayaka Ganz  
Fort Wayne, IN artist

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About Sayaka

Sayaka Ganz was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1976 and grew up living in Japan, Brazil, and Hong Kong. Using post-consumer plastic objects as her materials, Sayaka’s recent sculptures depict animals in motion with rich colors and energy. Her recent exhibitions include: “Objects and Spirits” – solo exhibition at the Robert E. Wilson Gallery, Huntington University, Huntington, IN, and “Convergence” – solo exhibition in the Visual Arts Gallery, Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne. Her sculpture “Ambush” has been installed permanently in the educational wing of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

She recently completed a commission of a series of four marine life sculptures for the Monerey Bay Aquarium in California. Her work is collected and exhibited in London, Tokyo, Takaoka, Isle of Man, New York, San Francisco, Monterey, Toledo and Fort Wayne.

Sayaka's selections

Gehard Demetz

Selva di Val Gardena, Italy


Demetz's sculptures are hauntingly beautiful human forms that are visually engaging and speaks to the viewer's soul. The smooth and finely crafted surfaces are juxtaposed with the darkness of the geometric voids within, creating a sense of deep loss and sorrow.


Aurora Robson

New York, NY


Colorful and visually intriguing yet suggestive of a darkness within, Robson's sculptures and installations communicate a strong environmental message. She is one of the few artists I know of whose works are both politically motivated and truly beautiful at the same time.


Janet Echelman

Brookline, MA


I love the large scale installations that make the viewer believe in visions almost like the aurora borealis. Echelman's work blurs the line between imagination and reality.


Jim Kazanjian

Portland, OR


Kazanjian's work also brings imagination into believable realm, using photography. Looking at his work is like reading a well written novel. He has created a world that has a cohesive set of rules and logic that has a ring of truth. I feel as though I could really walk into his landscape, as if it really exists somewhere just outside my reach.


Chris Ganz

Fort Wayne, IN


Ganz's drawings are darkly humorous self portraits in charcoal with figures coming in and out of focus, some blending to the background and the heavily textured lines of the atmosphere. At first glance they look highly realistic, but up close you see that his images are much more inventive and describes a vision. He is my husband so I'm sure there's a bit of bias... but as an artist married to another artist I believe that our admiration of each others' work is one of the big reasons why our relationship works.


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