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Janet Echelman  Brookline, MA

'Her Secret is Patience (photo: Valentin Berechet)'
'1.26 (photo: Janet Echelman)'

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About Janet

Janet Echelman first set out to be an artist after graduating college. Her work reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculpture that responds to environmental forces including wind, water, and sunlight.

In 1987 she moved to Hong Kong in 1987 to study Chinese calligraphy and brush-painting. Later she moved to Bali, Indonesia, where she collaborated with artisans to combine traditional textile methods with contemporary painting.

Today Echelman has constructed net sculpture environments in metropolitan cities around the world. She sees public art as a team sport and collaborates with a range of professionals including aeronautical and mechanical engineers, architects, lighting designers, landscape architects, and fabricators.

Recommended by our guest curators

Sayaka Ganz

Fort Wayne, IN artist

"I love the large scale installations that make the viewer believe in visions almost like the aurora borealis. Echelman's work blurs the line between imagination and reality."

Danielle Krysa

Founder of The Jealous Curator

"Whoa. That's all."

Liz Stinson

Writer, WIRED Design

"The best thing about Janet Echelman's netted sculptures is the moment of discovery. I love the idea of stumbling across mesmerizing, technicolored nets floating in the sky, particularly at night when they're lit up like a glowing yarn constellation."

Jennifer van Tuyl

Founder, Urban Art House

"She brings light into the world in a beautiful way. I love the simplicity and power of her large scale installations."

Jeff Demetriou

Atlanta, GA artist

"A household name at this point in her career, Janet's work succeeds on so many levels be it scale, form, color, and/or sheer ambition. Her suspensions are almost supernatural in appearance, and I see her work as a continuation of color-field painting in the sense that it seems to come the closest in achieving a pure color form without being bound by only two dimensions. Amazing."

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"Janet, I Very SURE You Know Your a Great Artist! Congradulations on Showing ALL whom are Interested How You 1st Started & some of Your Helpful People Whom Helped You Get Better with Your Work.I'm Interested as I went to AIP in Pittsburgh but Never Did Anything with it, (just myself) But Still LOVE Great Work Like YOURS...Many More Positives in Your Life & Thank You!!!A Fan:}"

"I live right next to the first one in Phoenix Arizona and I must say the picture of it is better than the actual thing. Its supposed to evoke the images of the dark huge monsoon clouds that we get out here but I think understandable its not very impressive. I like the second one way better, but maybe thats because I dont see it everyday"

"awesom psychedelic one truly"

"The talk made the works that much more interesting. A very accomplished artist. She gave the talk on TEDD, which is British and features a lot of Continentals who might come off as American but have something interesting to say, anyway."

"janet echelamn You are artist and, creative I liked your work very"

"very nice"

"wow...amazing i love it"

"WOW! truly amazing and unique!"

"Wow I love the artistic creation from the colors and the shape, from all the art i comment on this interest me the most."

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