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Guest curator: Alice Yoo  
Founder/editor, My Modern Metropolis

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About Alice

Alice Yoo is the founder and editor in chief of My Modern Metropolis, a place where trendspotters and art enthusiasts come to connect over creative ideas. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s in Economics, Alice received her MBA, worked in advertising for MTV and Outdoor Channel and then started My Modern Met in 2008. With over 3.5 million visitors a month, My Modern Met has become a leading art and culture destination.

Alice's selections

Audrey Kawasaki

Brooklyn, NY


Audrey will always be one of my favorite modern day artists. Her art nouveau-inspired paintings are filled with beautiful heroines who have both a sense of fragility and strength.


Erik Johansson

Prague, Czech Republic


I can't think of a more creative photo manipulating artist that Erik Johansson. His surreal scenes are filled with incredible imagination yet there's a drop of reality in each one that makes them even more intriguing.


Gregory Thielker

Washington, D.C.


Gregory creates photorealistic painting you can never forget. He paints rain through a windshield in a way that makes you long for stormy days.


Myeongbeom Kim

Chicago, IL


This Korean artist creates sculptures and installations that are beyond extraordinary. He's a master at incorporating nature in his work in a whimsical yet thoughtful way.


Scott Naismith

Glasgow, Scotland


Naismith's colorful, Impressionist-like paintings of the Scottish landscape are refreshingly beautiful. Love how the changing colors of the sky, from dark to light, represent hope and optimism.


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