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Jim Kazanjian  Portland, OR

'untitled (house)'
'untitled (implosion)'

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About Jim

I am interested in a kind of ‘entropic’ image”an image that has the capacity to de-familiarize itself. My current work is an attempt to unravel the photograph and play with established notions of time and space, notwithstanding our understanding of what gives things context. Through fragmentation and re-composition of the photographic space, the non-linear nature of reading the image is folded in on itself. The structure of the photograph is unwound and reshuffled. This reshaping is an iterative process that spurs a generation of something altogether different; something ineffable.

Recommended by our guest curators

Sayaka Ganz

Fort Wayne, IN artist

"Kazanjian's work also brings imagination into believable realm, using photography. Looking at his work is like reading a well written novel. He has created a world that has a cohesive set of rules and logic that has a ring of truth. I feel as though I could really walk into his landscape, as if it really exists somewhere just outside my reach."

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"i think that it is interesting how in the background of the giant city of a house there is something on a dock exploding or something. also how the masterpiece of architecture could be wiped out by a large current."

"this is wonderful stuff ... simply wonderful ... what a shame that all the TOOLS think it's ok to vote a "1" for this artist in order to MANIPULATE the rankings ... come on children, GROW UP.."

"Almost as if Hearst Castle met the end of days......."

"this "house" would be a very interesting architectural project to see in real life - it's fantastic"

"I feel such deep emotions just by looking at the nice!!"

"Would you like to live here, would you dare?"

"Awakening photographs I like, a still image at times talks to me, dreams evolve in a snap's shot, adrenaline rises in me, I don't know why, I don't question, either, never question art being my motto in gaining happiness.This is me, but the world is one of individuals, this I'm sure."

"W.O.W: Wonderful, outstanding work!"

"Love this.. its something you get or you dont.. and its perfectly done"

"i know this seem weird but i somtimes want to see that in person and see if it could acutally happen. i get curious if thers a world out there that could be like that . and if there is . . . im excited to go there cause i would be the first person on that trip there!!! so thats a beautiful imagination your hae there. you should be happy, most people would kill for your skills:)"

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