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Alyssa Monks  New York, NY

Oil on linen
Oil on linen

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About Alyssa

Born 1977 in New Jersey, Alyssa began oil painting as a child. She studied at The New School in New York and Montclair State University and earned her B.A. from Boston College in 1999. During this time she studied painting at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence. She went on to earn her M.F.A from the New York Academy of Art, Graduate School of Figurative Art in 2001. She completed an artist in residency at Fullerton College in 2006 and has lectured and taught at universities and institutions nationwide. She continues to offer workshops and lectures regularly.

Alyssa’s sensibility of paint and color allows one to be seduced into the illusion of each image. Striving for anatomical and realistic accuracy, it is her intention to elicit a serious confrontation. The work requires attention to detail and a slow and rich execution. It is this artist’s concern to visually relate the contemporary human experience with sensitivity, empathy, and integrity.

Recommended by our guest curators

Megan Lange

Artist / Co-Owner, Robert Lange Studios

"I think a lot of people fell in love Alyssa’s moody shower scenes, I mean how could you not, they are sexy and bold and absolutely beautifully painted. I however, probably because I am admittedly an insecure woman, thought initially that they were too sexy and bold for my personal taste. Then, hold the phone, I saw Alyssa’s TedTalk and her new body of work. She was humble and real and she melted every fiber of my catty painting jealousy and introduced me to a body of work, her new body of work, that sang of humanity and nature and unconditional love. I was so humbled by her paintings, so awestruck that I can honestly say that her paintings from 2015 changed my life and helped me process grief."

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"I am amazed how you do that, so very wonderfull. If you can plz send me some paintings. Thank you very much"

"Your paintings are absolutely excellent"

"I like the way she uses realism to convey melancholic feelings."

"I am not sure I have what it takes after this visit but in same breath now more inspired to continue"

"Any aspiring artist could learn from this woman's work. Calling her pieces inspirational is like calling a nuclear bomb disagreeable. Alyssa rocks!"

"wow..these are really amazing...they looks so..real"

"Innocence, vulnerability. As a man a nude woman catches your attention, as soon as this photo has your attention, it says so much more."

"i love this much drama...and uniqueness...bravo!"

"oh my god!this piece is amazing.i don't usually like very many paintings like thisbut the angle and lighting is so unique i can't help but be in love with iti love this....the way the body looks while it's under! very well executed!"

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