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Guest curator: Shane Fonner  
Creative Director, Palmiers du Mal

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About Shane

Shane Fonner has worked in the fashion industry for nearly 15 years, leading various retail, sales, and creative-oriented staffs with brands including Billy Reid, Maison Kitsune, and Saturdays Surf NYC. In addition to retail, creative and design consulting, Mr. Fonner previously worked as Director of Development and, later, Agency Director for several multi-national modeling agencies in New York City, Miami, London, and Los Angeles. Mr. Fonner began painting and drawing at a very young age, and continues to sketch today as he develops his luxury clothing collection, Palmiers du Mal- a creative interpretation of Utopian villa living with undeniable philosophical undertones.

Shane's selections

Scott Campbell

Brooklyn, NY

"Campbell's tattoo work is now legendary around NYC, but I find his explorations into other media inventive, painstaking, and exact. As with his tattoos, his carvings leave little room for error and as such, are all the more impressive."

Scott Naismith

Glasgow, Scotland

"Naismith's vivid use of color and landscapes (particularly sunsets and the sea), along with his plays with opaqueness and lucidity, create an engulfing environment into which the viewer can immerse oneself. I find the concept of creating one's own sunset in the mind, or on canvas, and interpreting the raw pathos with color enthralling."

Davide Cambria

Messina, Italy

"The dynamism and stark conveyance of emotion, or perhaps more accurately a feeling, in the portraiture of Davide Cambria is provocative and captivating. His abrupt, marked brush-strokes are placed meticulously, and the raw nature of the subject is captured in a way unique to someone both inherently talented and self-taught."

Jovan Karlo Villalba

Miami, FL

"Villalba's ability to communicate difficult themes and concepts allows for a great amount of interpretation within the viewer. One can apply their own experience to those envisioned on canvas, and understanding the raw physical and aesthetic appeal of Miami, from where Villalba hails, makes them even more stimulating."

Jason deCaires Taylor

Cancun, Mexico

"The very idea of an underwater sculpture garden is breathtaking, but his exacting execution creates a surreal private reality. Considering the intrinsic silence on the sea floor, combined with the depth of nature's own color palette, deCaires Taylor creates a seductive milieu that is ever evolving with wind and waves, while his figures echo the permanence of those frozen in volcanic cataclysms."

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