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Guest curator: Scott Eagle  
Asst. Dir. / Professor ECU

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About Scott

Scott Eagle serves as the Assistant Director of the School of Art and Design, Graduate Studies Director, and Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. His artworks have been exhibited and reproduced internationally. Publications featuring his artwork include The Oxford American, The New York Times, and the Cleveland Plains Dealer.

Scott's selections

Shawn Barber

San Francisco, CA


Shawn Barber turns the politics of power upside down with a virtuoso and lavish oil painting style. For centuries this technique has been reserved for nobility and the wealthy. Even today, we see politicians, doctors and corporate donors commemorated in the oil painting portrait. Through Barber's eyes and brushwork we are shown a world that many of us were told was unsafe and at best uncouth- the tattoo culture. He shows us the nobility and the beauty of those people, as well as the power of that world and the tools of that trade with such skill that we must stop and seriously consider what we are seeing because someone with great talent has taken the time to glorify and signify that world in a work of art.


Kim Keever

New York, NY


The artist Kim Keever has one of the more elaborate and unusual creative processes of which I am aware. He constructs meticulous environments underwater to photograph as landscapes. For me, what is most interesting is the psychological aspect of this process. He is literally creating his own world within a glass space like an alchemical retort. This is very different than taking a picture of a landscape and adding a title to mean something. Keever's images have a haunting and mysterious quality and, now that I have seen his studio and working process, they remind me of the outer wing's of Hieronymus Bosch's the Garden of Earthly Delight Altarpiece, which depicts the 3rd day of creation. Be sure to check out the links to interviews about his studio on his website.



Padua, Italy


The artist Rabarama is an adept artist that comfortably moves between a variety of mediums including large scale bronze, marble sculptures, and oil painting. Whether sculptural or illusionist painting, her work depicts human forms bearing patterns that sometimes define and other times deny easy reading of the physical body on which they are displayed. But, in my opinion, the video of the 360 3-D projection mapping is by far the most intriguing work, and is a novel integration of humanistic and traditional static sculpture with new media and technology through the use state of the art projection systems to create a physical object that causes the viewer to experience the sense of time as a quality and condition of the surface of the physical object. . Simply put, this sculpture is not kinetic. But, the surface changes pattern, color and image as if it were a computer monitor or television screen. Her website has many articles about the work and the artist's intentions.


Patrick Dougherty

Chapel Hill, NC


I have long admired the ambitious work of my fellow North Carolinian, Patrick Dougherty. Through his creations, art becomes part of the landscape and mingles with architecture in urban and rural settings as well as inhabiting interior and exterior human environments. These works inspire wonder and fascination because their placement forces the viewer to reassess the overall context, use and function of the spaces in which the works are sited. He also has a beautiful website with wonderful images, videos and interviews.


Wayne White

Los Angeles, CA


For those of us that are exhausted by the dry, arid wastelands of highbrow, elitist, snobbery, Wayne White is an absolute joy and inspiration. This extremely talented artist does so much more than word art. He seems to have lived a life, and developed a philosophy that breaks down the barriers between work, play and art. Check out his website where you can see sculptures, drawings, paintings, TV set design, music videos, etc. But, before you go, be sure to visit his artistaday page and watch the trailer for the multi-award-winning documentary about the life and work of Wayne White.


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