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Guest curator: Aunny De La Rosa  
Dir. Comm., deviantART

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About Aunny

Aunny De La Rosa is a self professed “graffiti groupie” who early on in her career established her PR & digital marketing consultancy specifically for artists amongst the counterculture. Currently she is the acting Communications Director at deviantART, the world’s largest online community for artists and art enthusiasts.

Aunny has worked in a variety of art and design-related fields, getting her start in PR back in 2000 at one of the earliest agencies in LA into tech and digital entertainment. From there she parlayed her love for street art, hip-hop and punk rock, tailoring PR campaigns for a wide range of artists, including world-renowned graffiti artist, RISK, punk rock promoter, Brendan Mullen (Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Rock Alley), iconic street photographer, Martha Cooper and fine artist, Richard Colman. Aunny lives in her hometown of Los Angeles with her boyfriend Shawn and her Sancho (her Boston Terrier).

Aunny's selections

Matt Barnes

London, UK


I was unfamiliar with Matt Barnes until I discovered him on ArtistADay. His series of photographs from the Cold Stations collection are eerily poignant in their solitude. Obviously, he was a slave to the natural art direction the weather provided, so his execution is all the more impressive. I love the geometric qualities of each gas station overhang; the beacons of light in the remote darkness make me think Ruscha after dark.


Natalia Fabia

Burbank, CA


I met Natalia at a party a few years back and she was so sweet and humble when asked about what type of work she did. When I finally saw her paintings myself, I was blown away by her signature gritty, hyperrealistic style. The level of detail she incorporates into the playful environments she creates on canvas is insane (see fishnets, tattoos and graffiti). From rainbow cake to slumber parties, Natalia paints parties you want an invitation to. If you haven’t seen her new stuff lately, it’s definitely worth looking into.


Wayne White

Los Angeles, CA


Wayne White is hands down one of my all-time favorite artists – he was in essence, the artist of my youth. Because his subversive style had such a major impact on me so early on, it deeply impacted the development of my preferred art style as an adult, which leans heavily toward the surreal. Whether or not you’re familiar with his work at first glance, I’d venture to guess that his art is stored somewhere deep in your memory bank. For more, see the new documentary Beauty is Embarrassing.


Brian Viveros

Riverside, CA


I’ve been familiar with Brian Viveros’ work for years, but finally came across a physical piece (‘Bull-Fight-Her III‘) last year during LA Art Show. I’ve always been taken back by the depth of personality his “Cigarette Girls” exude, with their sexy doe eyes paired with seemingly childlike characteristics. There are numerous artists on deviantART who have brought these characters to life in their own unique way, Brian refers to them as his “Arm-Me”. Oh! And, as a makeup artist myself, I have mad respect for Brian’s makeup techniques - his sultry, smokey eye is on point!


Hikari Shimoda

Nagano, Japan


There are very few artists for which I can say that I’ve bought a piece of their art on the same day I discovered there work. Hikari Shimoda is one of them. Generally, my art purchases are premeditated with a specific piece in mind. But with Hikari Shimoda it was almost as if I couldn’t help myself, and felt compelled to do so as if controlled by an unknown force. His work is so painfully sad and beautiful at the same time. I especially love his distribution of color and juxtaposition of his subject matter.


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