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Guest curator: O’Neil Scott  
Philadelphia, PA artist

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About O’Neil

O’Neil Scott is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA whose paintings are meant to invoke mindfulness, to inspire contemplation, and to convey understanding.

O’Neil's selections

Margaret Bowland

Brooklyn, NY


Her paintings convey a theme of self-love and acceptance. The subject matter has a way of relating to everyone and tugging on human emotion.


Pamela Wilson

Laguna, CA


She is a master of value, her paintings are lit in a way that defines mood and subject.


Julio Reyes

Laguna Hills, CA


His paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia. The painterly realism coupled with the figure in his work conjures up old memories. Leaving the viewer with a longing for what once was.


Terry Strickland

Pelham, AL


Her skill level is very consistent in each painting but the subject matter and meaningful thought she puts into every painting its what sets her apart as a artist. The more you dive into each painting the more you want to discover.


Daniel Sprick

Glenwood Springs, CO


One of my favorite painters, with an understanding of color and form that takes a life time to achieve; he is clearly one of the best painters in the world. His paintings feel like they will move and that is something that goes far beyond photography and ventures into the living.


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