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Brett Amory  San Francisco, CA

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About Brett

Since 2001 I have been developing the same body of work called ‘Waiting,” a series of paintings about the anticipation of the next moment. While we wait we are waiting for that moment to end. We anticipate the next moment so we are rarely in the present one. We spend so much of our lives coming and going so I paint scenes of traffic, places where we wait to be somewhere else.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Zach Tutor

Curator of Supersonic Electronic

"Brett Amory's Twenty-Four/Waiting series of paintings are immediate, powerful and demand the viewer's attention. It's quite possibly the most resonating body of work by a young artist that I've yet to come across."

Ken Harman

Owner, Spoke Art Gallery

"Brett and I go way back, in fact, Brett was in the first show I ever curated, a pop up exhibition back in 2010! Since then, seeing Brett's career skyrocket with sold out exhibitions in London and New York has been absolutely exhilarating."

Dennis Ammann

Owner, 5 Pieces Gallery

"You walk past a hundred, a thousand people every day without noticing more than a handful: the tramp, the loud one, the garish one, the beautiful one. But if you stop and look at any of the other ones, you see that they, too, are individuals – human beings and that is all what Brett's fine work is all about."

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"Very good work! and congrats! on your Art Interview Magazine award...."

"BretInteresting concept. Very original.t is an amazing colorist. These paintings are awesome."

"Dude your blowing up congrats bro, im proud of you. you deserve all the success coming your way."

"these are something i would buy to put in my home 8)"

"Brett Amory's work is really inspiring."

"Amazing work. ^^ I really love it, it's out of the ordinary, and it has a purpose behind it. I also love how....well, it reminds me of street art a bit, sorry if you disagree. Beautiful."

"Haunting quality ---you feel the past, examine the present and and I amunsure there is a future. It is a baroque sensibility that i find mesmerizing."

"Interesting concept. Very original."

"fresh, original and not disturbing like recent "stuff" seen for too, too long. would not even click to site. wish i could see more thoughtful and GOOD images like these. excellent series idea and great color like 1st post mentioned."

"I really like the movement. The way he captured the feeling of anticipation pulls the viewer in. It makes you stop to look at them. So you are no longer waiting but actually in the moment. Very well executed concept with great technique."

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