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Stephanie Henderson  Detroit, MI

'I Love'
'The Time Machine'
Oil on canvas mounted to board

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About Stephanie

My work is symbolic of what is going on in my life as well as the life around me, there are often layered meanings and intimate and philosophical implications. Currently I draw inspiration from the spirit, culture, people, amazing artists, and soul of the city in which I spend most of my days, Detroit, as well as nature, my husband and his gardens, my son, a variety of writings, and the meaning of and circle of life.

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"I see you got the scull finished."

"such detail and depth! very nice."

"I am looking for a poster/print/greeting card of Stephanie Henderson's work THE VIEW FROM My ROCKING CHAIR. Thanks....Lisa Ayers Any of those for available for retail? Thanks...."

"Technically brilliant, but the subject matter and use of color miss the mark."

"faithful to everything i know about this insane northern european style. She knows her history. Very vanitas."

"Sitting for a minute with Stephanie's Tuscan landscape painting on my computer screen is part of my daily routine for inspiration. Especially in these hard times."

"Beautiful renditions. She has to be a great artist!"

"Fabulous! I look and look and always see something new. You are so blessed with talent and we are so blessed that you share it with us! Thank you!"

"I'm a botanist and the detail is so faithful to real flora that I can identify almost every plant. She must paint from life - very challenging and a testament to her considerable talent. Even the wasps have personality!"

"One could look at the skull a long time and keep seeing new things. Is that a crown I see? Do I see clouds or vapors that look like the devil? And the colors! No one has painted with this much attention to color, form, and light in 200 years. Makes Modern Art look like a scam."

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