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Casey Weldon  Brooklyn, NY

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About Casey

Casey Weldon is a native Californian. He studied art at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena from which he graduated in 2004. He has exhibited his work on both coasts and continues to work as an artist and illustrator in Brooklyn, New York.

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Michael Shapcott

Plainville, CT artist

"Not only have I been a fan of Casey's work for a long time but I've recently had the privilege of collaborating on a piece with him. I am very visually taken by his work but more than that I admire Casey's intelligence, wit, and ability to take an idea or current observation and turn it into a visual narrative. I enjoy the sense of humor and commentary he portrays in paintings that reference pop culture but what really gets to me is the work where the light-hearted turns a little more serious. In those pieces, he seemingly so easily infuses a melancholy and longing for change. He kind of walks the line between light and dark, funny and serious, cute and grotesque. The freedom and balance of expression he is able to display between the two polarities just works."

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"I will more information about the pictura called AT AT the Playground"

"These images make me feel conflicted -- I'm both attracted and repelled. That's a good thing."

"i truly love this"

"I love these! Absolutely wonderful... I lake it..."

"woah!!!!!!! i can draw but not like that!!!!!!! u r super fantstimo!!!!!!!!!! GREAT job do some more!"

"Hmmm... I thought "leave a comment" meant just that, good, bad or indifferent. I enjoy reading all opinions, so keep them coming. "Anonymous" needs to stop complaining about comments when people are invited to do so. That being said, this armchair critic would really love to know more about the inspiration behind this work. I couldn't find anything on the artist's site. DeeMarie -- did you find some info that I couldn't find?"

"yeah JWA, you lambasted the matter of contention right on the proboscus in your elucidation of Casey's predication to abbreviate articulated juxtapositions of saturnine derivatives. We are all very fascinated with your manipulation of the English lexicon. But seriously, I love your work Casey, even though your work isn't typical of the Pasedena school, I guess I'll let it slide this time."

"Great stuff. Check out the Artisit Site for more info about what some of the work is about."

"A muted palette and abbreviated articulation in conjunction with a seemingly morose predication. Not the sort of work I'm used to seeing out of the Pasadena school. Competent, though."

"The artist's eponymous website seems well-designed: the presentation style suits the art."

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