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Scott Naismith  Glasgow, Scotland


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'Primary Sky'
Oil on canvas
'Cyan Arran Study'
Oil on canvas

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About Scott

With the ambition to become an artist, Scott studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. In June 2000 he left with a BDes in Illustration and printmaking. Since graduating Scott has been a full time artist, working from his studio in Glasgow. Much of his time is spent travelling around the country looking for inspiration for another take on the Scottish landscape. The many lochs, glens and isles of the West coast are amongst his favourite subject matter for his vibrant and atmospheric oils. Since 2003 Scott has also been a part time lecturer at the Creative Arts Department of Reid Kerr College, Paisley.

Scott uses vivid colours in a vigorous application to represent the fast changing light conditions of the West coast of Scotland. Colour use often becomes an entirely emotional response to the subject while tone can remain representational. The love he has for his native Scottish countryside is portayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the colour with pallette knife and brush.

Scot describes his work by saying, “After 10 years of painting the Scottish landscape, my recent work now becomes more involved with cloudcover and its effect on light and colour through both its translucent and opaque properties. Clouds are visible masses of water droplets or frozen ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere . They have the ability to refract and reflect, creating an ever changing perception of light which inspires my use of colour. I am constantly refering to the paradox of a cloud’s peceived weight and its fragility and the relationship between the cool and warm colours created by it. I have become increasingly interested in catching the moment when heavy overcast clears to reveal clear blue sky, a cool colour that complements the warmth it brings. While the most obvious manifestation of light refraction at this time would occur in the form of a rainbow, I will be concerned with accentuating the infinite, more subtle effects.”

Scott is an AAD guest curator

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Shane Fonner

Creative Director, Palmiers du Mal

Alice Yoo

Founder/editor, My Modern Metropolis

Scott Naismith

Glasgow, Scotland artist

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3 reactions from the artist

Scott Naismith
2014-02-23 @ 8:26 PM
In reply to Timothy, here's a link with info about how to buy an original painting: http://scottnaismith.com/how-to-buy/

Scott Naismith – Artist A Day Feature
2013-06-05 @ 5:43 AM
[...] I was featured on the fantastic artistaday.com site. These days getting featured on a good blog results in better exposure than a National [...]

Scott Naismith
2013-03-23 @ 11:21 AM
Thanks for all your 'rates', kind comments and interest in the work. Flattered to be featured on what is a great site! Accidentally rated myself a 3!

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11.21.2016 @ 1:14 PM

Thats awesome. Cant believe.

David munroe

03.03.2016 @ 4:51 AM

Stunning work by a very talented fellow Scottish artist. I love how he interprets the surface of water or the clouds by using such vibrant blod colour, They are stunning pieces that anyone would be lucky to own.

I hope you get a chance to check out my take on colour expression too, though my paintings are much more abstract in nature.

Congrats on the feature!


12.03.2015 @ 8:23 AM

hey Scott, your art work is so great. I like its colors.

Michiko oiwak

01.28.2015 @ 6:51 AM

Nice coloer arrangement?


09.20.2014 @ 2:46 PM

I just love Primary sky. Powerful and breathtaking.

Dawn marie

09.13.2014 @ 8:08 AM

Scott, We Love your work. It is eye-catching! The colors are BEAUTIFUL & BREATHTAKING . We appreciate your blending with color! My husband is a beginner in the Arts, and is doing fantastic. Your work is inspirational to him. Thank you. We will be following your blog. Keep it going!


09.10.2014 @ 5:38 PM

Your art is glorious. I would love to see more of your work.

Rabin ramah

06.25.2014 @ 2:34 PM



04.02.2014 @ 6:37 PM

Fabulous painting . I love your abstraction .


02.22.2014 @ 8:48 AM

How can I purchase your art?

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