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Guest curator: Patrick Earl Hammie  
Chicago, IL artist

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About Patrick

Patrick Earl Hammie (b. 1981, New Haven, CT) is an artist best known for his monumental portraits related primarily to themes of identity, history, and narrative. Hammie works out of Chicago, exhibits internationally, and lectures at universities and museums nationwide. He’s received awards from the Tanne Foundation and Artist Alliance Communities with the Joyce Foundation, the Alice C. Cole ’42 Fellowship from Wellesley College, and was an artist in residence at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. He’s currently a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he instructs all levels of painting and drawing, and advises graduates.

Patrick's selections

Gehard Demetz

Selva di Val Gardena, Italy


Demetz’s work echoes many of my own interests in dialoguing with humanistic and spiritual narratives, and art history. His use of Christian iconographies and allusions present a jarring challenge to viewer’s expectations of beauty, materiality, and subject matter.”


Hayv Kahraman

Phoenix, AZ


I encountered Kahraman’s work recently in New York, were she divided the gallery space leaving a window in a screen through which to view her paintings. Her works recall the interior lives and perspectives of women who navigate gendered divisions, whose bodies are managed by others but privy to information.


Titus Kaphar

New York, NY


I find Kaphar’s painted and material interventions deeply powerful as they collapse and complicate traditional reads of Western art history and culture.


Daniel Ochoa

San Francisco, CA


Ochoa’s paintings fluctuate between modes of representation—including text and gestural marks—to present portraits as fragments of legibility, pressed upon by their encasing voids. The rich tapestry of marks keeps his subjects in flux, encouraging us to consider how we construct meaning toward identity.”


Andrew Salgado

London, UK


It’s inspiring to see Salgado’s consistent dedication to the male as a subject. The way he focuses his painted gesture to conflate flatness and dimension, portraiture and abstraction, and sensuality and violence, is captivating and disquieting.


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