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Guest curator: Neil Perry  
Portland, OR artist

About Neil

Neil M. Perry is an artist and illustrator who grew up on the North East coast of England, currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. Neil has participated in group and solo exhibitions at galleries in Europe, the United States and Japan. Thanks largely to David Attenborough, he has been fascinated by the animal kingdom since childhood. This has driven him to develop a body of work which utilizes animal association, color psychology and recognizable patterns/symbols to engage in social commentary.

Neil's selections

Annie Owens

San Francisco, CA


I’m always amazed by artists who can expertly execute works in watercolor, mostly because it’s such an unforgiving medium. Annie is not only a masterful watercolorist, she uses her paints in a unique and interesting way to create an atmospheric gloom which provides a perfect backdrop for her subjects. Annie’s color palette and stylized illustrative line-work are unmistakable.


Scott Listfield

Los Angeles, CA


Scott has taken a central concept which would be viewed as narrow or restrictive but because he’s a genius he’s managed to make it so broad the possibilities are endless. The astronaut as anonymous observer who provides an unbiased reflection on the absurdity of every day life is fascinating. I also always absolutely loved his paintings of dinosaurs.


Lindsey Carr

Glasgow, Scotland


I’ve been following Lindsey’s work for such a long time and it really appeals to my particular aesthetic tastes. I am a huge admirer of traditional naturalist illustration and when an artist can really nail the contemporary translation of this style it makes me so happy. I am aware than Lindsey is undergoing something of a stylistic evolution which I am thrilled and excited to see come to fruition.


Josh Keyes

Portland, OR


First and foremost Josh Keyes is an incredible painter. His technical ability is utterly astounding and I feel fortunate to have had the priviledge of viewing many of his pieces in person. Flawless. Beyond that though, he has a boundless heart coupled with an ability to make astute social/political commentary. His earlier works are familiar to many people as he worked in that style for well over a decade but in recent years he’s been making full background works as a way to expand his narrative. It was a brave step to take but he’s grown enormously as an artist because of it which is a great lesson to any artist feeling boxed in by their concepts of style.


Josie Morway

Providence, RI


Combining traditional oil painting techniques with sign painting in such a delicate balance, Josie Morway creates such imaginative, rich and powerful imagery. The level of detail in each piece is painstaking and there are no compromises in her approach to intense rendering of turn and feathers. Her subjects are also ones that I’m naturally drawn to, offering a glimpse into the balance between conflict and compassion within the natural world.


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