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Winnie Truong  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Some Self-Restraint'

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About Winnie

Winnie Truong was born in Toronto, where she still lives, and received her BFA in painting and drawing from Ontario College of Art and Design.

Using pencil, crayon, and chalk pastel on giant sheets of paper, Truong creates portraits with great detail. Her aim is to explore notions of beauty and discomfort and, inspired by science fiction, she portrays hair in all its ‘whiskery, wispy, curly, bristly’ brilliance.

In 2010 Truong won several awards, including the W.O. Forsythe Award and a BMO 1st! Art Award on behalf of Ontario. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and Canada.

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'Eye Contact'



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"Why would I want to have something that makes me feel just very UNCOMFORTABLE. I see no beauty in these paintings, drawings"

"i dont think could love this and I think little kids would have nightmares:("

"You people need to get a life. This is great work. You are all fools"

"I actually find these kind of fascinating, in a macabre kind of way. They are kind of scary and uncomfortable, but isn't that the point?"

"This work evokes disturbing feelings towards what I observe. Having said that, I think the artist shows great skills in expressing the subject matter. Perhaps she wants us disturbed by intent, perhaps not. Great work!"

"Of all the commentary these drawings evoke, accusations of racism are among the least rational. But then, people making such remarks are often telling us more about themselves than anyone else. Although apparently unintended by the artist, there is a discussion of personal glory or honor using hair. Biblically, hair is a woman's glory. What we are concerned with as attractive reflects in our appearance. The detail with which the artist cautiously weaves her statements of glory and injury to it provide an interesting use of color. Without a comparison with the photos that inspired her, can they be fully appreciated? Like every artist, she is playing, at least a little. Somehow, perhaps by the limited diversity of material, we are left satisfied very quickly."

"has anyone had to think as to how many wigs can be made in a person's lifetime from his/her fallen hair? not to mention if it's long, thick, and the person having suffered from some weakening illness?...they say also that pregnant women lose hair or women who have given birth...won't you ask wat does art have to do with medical issues?not much. one chief duty of the artist is to remain loyal to description...the doctor begins by hypothesising, and experiments until he thinks he has found the answer...or at least, feels the need to have to render an answer, a reply.the painter to of course has the free reign to do as he please...the artist too can affect people differently depending of course on the very individual personal mentioned below, from winnie truong paintings i sense the primitive past, the unknown, the barbaric, the man-eater, canibal, etc... winnie truong combination of hair and a certain portraiture display before me and what i have learnt to perceive from general and folk literature the primitive face, neanderthal...that's how i guess faces were printed initially in books..or even after the reconstruction of a primitive face has been established...all that hair with that face simply frightens me...that's why i suppose i live in our age where at least one of the marks of the primitive man is hair has been eradicated..."


"I love it,awesome texture!"

"All technique and no substance. As interesting as a cup of hair. sorry, but you are obviously young. Not everything is art."

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