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Noma Bliss  Auburn, NY


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About Noma

Noma Bliss is greatly concerned with global issues. World hunger, pollution, depletion of natural resources, the deterioration of the family unit, global warming—these and more issues are incorporated in her work

Bliss attributes her figurative and simplistic style to her 25 years spent as a professional illustrator and designer. Her aim as an artist is to invoke love, kindness, compassion, and empathy for one another and the world we inhabit. ‘We are all responsible for the future of our planet,’ she remarks.

Working in collaboration with her husband, Jim Bliss, her client list includes The London Times, Architecture Las Vegas, and Bike Magazine, among many other publications.

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"PEOPLE!!! This is abstract art.. Art doesn't necessarily HAVE to make sense. That's what is so unique about art....and in particular Abstract art. You can read into it what you want. I, for one, love Noma's art. Its my very favorite of anyone elses."

"Noma's work is imaginative, thought provoking and FABULOUS! I feel priveleged to own her work."

"I really like this. Great work. :)"

"I think they are quite honest & well done. I enjoy looking at them."

"The first picture really scares me.. it's eye isnt attached to any skin. i like the second one though"

"I do appreciate this image very much. However, with the information about the artist's concerns over "the deterioration of the family unit" the opposite is what ails me. The strings to the marionette would be detached as the relationships between parents and their children seem to be becoming more and more separated. As a teacher, I am seeing smaller and fewer connections between parents and students regarding communication and support. Over the last 12 years I have seen many changes in the students in a variety of schools. As much as teachers are trying to have others understand what we can are capable of in one class period, the minimal parental support is creating more demands and expectations in each classroom. We are only human and are only capable of so much in so little time. I would like to see those strings become stronger between the parent and the child. IT is nice to see artwork that is as thought provoking as this..."

"B u TE ful!"

"I quite like this."

"uuuummmm.... interesting but really confusing and slightly disturbing. but thats how i like it so i dont really mind! XD"

"Unique???? Lets talk a copy cat.....Frida, similar modern art, colors, same, only topics are different."

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