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Joseph Leroux  Philadelphia, PA

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About Joseph

Joseph Leroux received a BFA from the State University of New York and a MFA from the University of Wisconsin.

In his work, he is particularly interested in the rules are things that we follow on a daily basis without giving it much thought. Using paper, metal, wire, and found objects, he simulates situations of unease which reflect, for him, aspects of modern culture.

Leroux currently works in the fine arts department at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadel­phia.

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"Both are awesome and I have seen them in person. This artist rocks!!"

"Those are not fishes they are airplanes...they represent the number of planes that are flying around the world in one is a really beautiful piece in person. Amazing work! It makes me ponder transportation systems, advertising billboards, architecture and mass communication...NYC show here he comes"

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Joe Leroux all throughout my childhood. We were in several bands together all throughout highschool. He has ALWAYS been extremely gifted with ANY form of art and expression. I am happy knowing he is livin out his dreams. His work is absolutely incredible."

"The top work reminds me of the swirl of crows in Van Gough's "The Cornfield""

"Interesting... the top one is a cool but I don't really get why the guy with the mask is in it."

"i dont understand....."

"Really good I love it!!! :):):):):)"

"Different...i like the top one,it looks like a gateway into another world,pretty cool,the bottom one i really don't care for but its cool..."

"Strong, creative, inventive, visually stimulating and thought-provoking work in all the viewing sections of the artist's website. He works well in several styles and media. I agree with the comment that his work needs representation and would go over well if shown at the always incredible Walker Art Center. Although the artist's website layout seems to be trying to make its own statement, my experience would have been much improved by the presence of at least some titles and/or artist's descriptions or statements of some variety. Throw us some crumbs to feed our curiosity. I think it would only increase appreciation, not diminish it."

"Wow, an amazing array of unique and original work. Never a moment of lapse and if there is it's still holds one's interest! Great, great, great stuff!"

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