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Toc Fetch  Woodstock, NY

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About Toc

Toc Fetch was born in Brooklyn in 1953. He studied for a year at RISD and became disillusioned with academia. In 1973 he moved to Switzerland, where he spent ten years in a program to learn the principles of nondualism.

In 1989, Fetch discovered he had cancer. He recalls feeling for a year that he was extremely close to death, and experiencing life as an outsider. This state of being opened up a ‘grand circus pantheon of personas and revelations’, he says, including one pertaining to the potential of comic books as an artistic medium.

Since his return to New York, in 1990, Fetch has dedicated his creative practice to exploring the untapped possibilities of comics.

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"Toc is "otay" in my book!"

"Your father, Hord Stubblefield, was a friend of mine. We belonged to the same art group and he even painted my portrait. I remember him talking about his son who was interested in comic books, art, etc. Anyway, my husband Harry & I inherited some of his art books, among them "The Ranks of the Black Order". Just today I found this book again & saw the inscription by Toc Fetch (a name I remember Hord telling me). I then found your web site, which I have looked at with interest. Both your work and that of Tricia Cline are beautiful! We are a family of artists, and I will be sharing your web site with them. My son makes Celtic jewelry (, & my daughter does faux finishing, and other painting. I am glad that i stumbled onto your work. I liked your dad, he was a great artist and storyteller. You also look a bit like him.Dee Hansen"

"I wasn't sure I liked this at first, then went to the website. What a treasure trove. I've added Toc Fetch to my gallery!"

"Neoclassical surreal, portraiture with the whimsical and macabre as accent or undertone.."

"These are amazing! I mean I enjoy the classics like Van Gogh and dogs playing poker, but these are so cool. I mean there are so many different things a person can take away from art like this. Some see depression, others see the life of an imaginative mind. This artist is awesome. Please post more like this!!:)"


"very creative"

"LOVE THEM!! so beautiful!!!!<3"

"i am not liking this stuff at all..."

"Love it! Jim-Bob I think your opinion is spot on. Art that can beautifully invoke wildly varying thought. Well Done Toc."

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