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Jemison Faust  Newport, RI

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About Jemison

Jemison Faust is a painter and mixed media artist, originally from Ohio, where she received her BA from Antioch College. She has resided in New England since receiving a Masters in Education from Tufts University and an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She has been a member of the Bromfield Gallery in Boston since 1990.

Her work has been shown in numerous locations including the Limner Gallery and Amos Eno Gallery in New York, the Erector Square Gallery in Connecticut, the Cushing Martin Gallery at Stonehill College and the Fitchburg Museum in Massachusetts. Her work is represented in Private Collections throughout the New England area.

Her awards include a Fellowship in Painting from the RI State Council on the Arts as well as a Fellowship from the MacDowell Artists Colony. In Rhode Island she is a founding member of the Art League of RI and has exhibited at the Newport Art Museum, the Wheeler School, Providence Art Club, Salve Regina University and elsewhere.

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"This is far better than the gimmicky exploitation of some classical image shown one year later. This is art and discreet philosophy."

"Jemison, the paintings are wonderful. I truly enjoy them, and all the "Tipping Point" paintings on your website. The other series on your website are certainly good, and competent, but the "Tipping Point" paintings get up and sing. And they sing many things - not just about brightness, color, visual balance, and command of your medium. They communicate to me about the life of a mother of small children, her basement play room, her emotions, the constriction and drabness and frustrations of her life, the ferocity of her love for her kids. Am I reading too much into them? :-) But of course none of those aspects would even be there if these were not just plain good art. Way to go."

"What the artist left out was the person who entered the room and stepped on some of this crap.Now that would show emotion!"

"don't listen to most of these hecklers... they're hung up on the subject matter, when it seems like your preoccupation is design (the preoccupation of all true art). I really love your last name too... hope you've read Goethe."

"This work is highly unusual. The scattered spacing of ordinary objects rendering them as oddly-hued abstractions. The simulated lighting is unreal. Dreamy. The common becomes strange, perhaps. Formal. Yet acting as if casual."

"I had some of the same feelings of "my kids do this everyday" when I first saw the works displayed, but I think the artist's statement from her website changed my mind. I have to say I like it.Artist Statement ~ Before the Work Begins: Tipping Point Series I have made my living as a personal organizer for over 20 years. People call me when they can no longer find their bills, when their home-based business has migrated to their bedroom closet, when their daughter has 45 Barbie dolls and she can’t find any of them.There is often a tipping point before they call. They perceive their lives as full and well ordered, surrounded by what they love and have worked hard to acquire.And then suddenly they are overwhelmed and nothing is where they think it is. It has all tipped over into chaos.They call. We talk. We meet. I take photos to document what’s driving them crazy.These oil paintings come from what I see in the photos: often beautiful rooms filled with wonderful things but in chaos, unmoored from function or utility, a source of tension, a landfill of stuff.I remain amazed and moved by this abundance that has become a source of tension, unable to be enjoyed.I once asked a client what something was that we had found in the bottom of her closet. Her reply: “If I knew what it was, I might need it.”"

"Art?? this is what they call entrophy or utter chaos.Anyone interested in buying it to hang in the living room?"

"It is too bad that people cannot see humor in reality! Your ability to present reality is fantastic and your attention to detail is incredible. Thank you!"

"to respond to a couple of these posts, I feel like maybe these pieces take the plastic, consumerism, excess sort of theme and add a feel of sentimentality to them, which is an interesting paradox."

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