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Jose Rivas  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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About Jose

Raised in a household of Spanish heritage, Jose only started speaking English at the age of five, after distinct impressions were made on him by his family’s culture of origin. Over the years his eccentric personality and affluence of artistry was primed through the attainment of his diploma from Capilano University’s Illustration and Design program (IDEA). Jose’s work is described as representing ‘the chaos of life, juxtaposed with its underlying beauty… expressed and complimented by saturated, alluring colours, and repetitive gestural strokes.’ His paintings often speak of his attraction to the complexities of life and that which we impose on ourselves to make life colourful.

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"Mr. Rivas, hello and Happy New Year. I'm very interested in your work and I'd love to use one of your projects for my next book cover. Please get in touch with me."

"Although your work is unique it also looks very familiar. Something about it makes it so. I love it. But i need one"

"I have searched every where just to find ur arts, ur works are emotional and ur use of paint and colours are very illustrative. Well done."


"The emotions feel like they are coming out of the subjects."

"Powerful and Breath taking, I can't stop looking at it."


"I like it, I think it shows exactly what his heart expresses through the brush, giving life with colors. Very nice."

"True emotions expressed through bold and wonderful color and brushstrokes. I could only hope to loosen my work to show such artistry."

"thats scary"

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