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Pakayla Biehn  San Francisco, CA

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About Pakayla

Pakayla Biehn’s most recent body of work concerns her congenital vision disability, called Strabismus. Her eyesight consists of mutually exclusive images trying, unsuccessfully, to bond into a cohesive impression. She uses her own embodied identity as a starting point for her paintings and installations. Her goal is to find a visual language to negotiate the intersection of imagery and create a similar perspective to give the viewer an understanding of her own optical condition.

Recommended by our guest curators

Steven Diamant

Owner, Arcadia Gallery

"If it is possible to "paint a dream" then Pakayla has done it. Her combination of realism and abstraction blending together to create some kind of "romantic surrealism" is both entrancing and disturbing at the same time..and I love it. Clearly tapped into a "feminine mystique," Pakayla's paintings are narrative in their depiction of beauty and choice. Pakayla uses her talents as a painter and in fact, becomes a "psychological journalist"... her subjects seem to be caught in an "ethereal fork in the road." "Do I go one way or the other...and what will the consequences be?" These are choices we need to, have to and get to make every day and not just in terms of physical directions and decisions, but emotional ones as well."

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'Double Exposure'

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"This work is fantastic - makes me think about my own relationship with art and how it has been influenced by my own eye disease. These images are so beautiful and their "dual nature" has so many meanings for me. The best artist I've seen in ages!"

"I think this is a very inspirational piece of work."

"wow are you sure these aren't photos they look so real"

"When one is handicapped in one way they can make up for it in another, and you certainly have done that! Not only are you giving us gorgeous paintings you are teaching us about another persons ailment and how they deal with it! Thank you for everything!!!"

"Aww, I absolutely love it! I have a "standard" (hate this expression) sight, but I completely understand the beauty and emotion of your paintings! They are fragile and delicate and full of gentleness and intensity. Wonderful! Thank you!"

"You have a gift for allowing others to step into your shoes. Thank you for educating me on what it's like to see with your eyes and treating me to a beautiful image as well."

"You have touched my inner being like no other art has ever done before...and my words lack the depth to try and say more..Peace be with you.."

"it hurts my eyes, but i just can't stop looking at it! the colors are so pretty. this artist has a true gift. BRAVA!"

"Remarkable capture of a different vision. So opposite of my own tendency to single out features. But the art is fantastic! The compositions and the lack of focus makes you work for the beauty and the line. I am blown away!"

"Loved the moodiness that struck me immediately. I always feels humbled by examples of people overcoming limitations.Thank you so much for that minute vacation. Your work is absolutely fabulous!Felt privileged to experience it!!"

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