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Jacob Dahlgren  Stockholm, Sweden

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About Jacob

Jacob Dahlgren is a Swedish painter, sculptor, and conceptual artist who works to a large extent with unconventional materials. The artist finds abstraction in everyday objects, which he employs to create dynamic interactive installations and performances. When arranged, the individual objects lose their intended function, their original value, and become part of something completely new. Along with experimenting with such artistic styles of the twentieth century as Constructivism, Minimal Art, and Pop Art, Dahlgren also quotes from the Op Art movement. A common theme for all the works is how art and our everyday life are intertwined.

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"ridiculous in the most terrible and or horrible meaning an insult to true art .... with that said congratulations"

"I see the immense growth in population, especially in urban areas at the same time we see declines in readership of books and the loss of bookstores due to Internet shopping and technological advances.Wonderful image, thought provoking. Thank you."

"i think your drawing is just AMAZING"

"The first picture makes me dizzy... Maybe because it reminds me of my daughter's room at the moment :) Can't breathe... I, actually, like the second one. Calming and beautiful pattern...Aww, loving my zen moment!"

"My goodness, amazing!!"

"its so colorful its hypnotic"

"colorful what more could one person want"

"I have to say that these pieces of "art" are exactly whats wrong with the art society today. I know this might sound harsh but hear me out. There is literally no skill what so ever needed to create the images we see above. This artist may have a "unique" stand point from which he creates, but everything after the initial conception of these works requires little if any actual talent to create. Im not saying that every artist should posses the skill of rembrandt or turner. Im also not trying to say that art should be defined as the product of a highly trained and knowledgable individual who has dedicated their life to their art. Art is about expression and conveying ideas through imagery. These pieces above don't convey anything but the obvious. "Its a city of paper and random stuff." "Its a wall of dartboards." These pieces ask no questions, convey no feelings and challenge nothing. His website is full of other aimless attempts which seem awkward and contrived. What he has posted for his paintings appear to be Mondrian influenced pieces that lack cohesion and depth."

"Spot on!"

"it looks cool's good."

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