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Fran Learte  Madrid, Spain

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About Fran

Artist, Fran Rodrìguez Learte, “drfranken” was born in La Coruna, Spain in 1979. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Salamanca in 1998. drfranken lives and works in Madrid, Spain. For many years he experimented with different techniques and mediums. Now he concentrates on digital art and his work as a computer programmer in engineering.

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I love this. There is a misterious story here...

the special effek is good ones !!

mm...the top one is hella qewd i lyk it!!! (;

i think it is beautifull

If art is the expression of a thought then what do you think is going through his head. but never the less i think its amazing.

Wow.I really like the first one for it's colors and designs.

i love all the colors in the pictures there amazing

this picture go hard yoo

just the colors on the first one.

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