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Erlend Mork  Trondheim, Norway

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About Erlend

My inspiration comes from an obsession with philosophy and looking behind and beyond everyday life as it appears to us, i.e. the usual existential questions. My works are symbolic representations of my views and reflections about these. The creatures in my works are as such mad, lost or isolated, in search of some absolute among the relative, trying to know an objective truth, or just become complete nihilists.

I reject most modern and avant-garde art, in other words, almost all the art that is seen, which is dependent upon time, context, consensus and stupefying vanity. I’m not headed for the instituted art world, I’m born of the underground and compare my work to the art of all centuries, or everything else, like a poem or a pocket calculator. Good things.

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"This is depressing. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not a person who believes that every work of art should express happiness or peace but I wonder in this situation whether the artist has any real meaning for his paintings or if maybe he's just trying to shock his audience. If it's the latter, that annoys me."

"Fantastic art! Provocative!"

"Too dark for me. I wonder what's going on in this sad soul artists head? Why is there so much pain?"

"O hell were stuck again!"

"Some of the symbolism is a little diliberate where it could be made more subtle, but awesome stuff overall"

"a fair representation of a vivid imagination."

"WOW!!!!!! Got it as soon as I looked at it VERY INSPIRATIONAL LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!! SPEECHLESS. Would purchase these in a hot second."

"i think it it very exotic and wonderful i love the pose it of wonder"

"Wow.... Norway... What a beautiful painting I love it..... Thank you Erlend Mork. Sincerely, Tamara Coper-TamaraDesign, Sweden"

"Erland, behind philosophy is only itself. To deny the moderns, is absurdity and to me like burying your head in the sand. Your work reads to me as gothic macabre illustration, so I really think that you are insulting many artists who are not ego centric when you pretend that modernist history is "not". Nihilism results in nothing more that decay, decadence.Civilisation is a good thing.Are you angst ridden and a little ego centric yourself? Why call yourself an "Artist" All genuine artists are philosophically driven. Being a graphical illustrator I believe is more about commerciality."

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