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Peter Root  Guernsey, UK

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About Peter

The work I create regularly involves highly labor-intensive, mantra-like procedures of construction and assemblage. As well as being simple, playful experiments the work often touches upon themes of impermanence, repetition, structure, pattern, scale and architecture. My work often takes the form of extremely fragile, temporary arrangements, with works subject to micro-apocalyptic events such as a light breeze or a falling leaf.
I am interested in creating artwork that acknowledges and utilizes aspects of the world around me at times disregarding their intended or standard function: objects, technology, software, food, sound etc” and using these elements as starting points for exploration.

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"are those staples? Cool!"

"If we all had the option to play Godzilla would we? It would be very tempting. It is amazing that Mr. Root had the patience to do something like this. Props to you Peter!"

"how can you say thats not art?"

"I love the visual of this piece. And that it is staples , is even more amazing."

"Cool. That is made even greater by the film. Thank you."

"right on looks like fun i like messin with stuff when i'm bored but you took this to a whole other level i watched those videos on the link you really need to get some animating programs trippy stuff great work"

"Listened to the recording of Michel. Reminded of an old boyfriend who ate shrooms and proceeded to decode at the words in bold in the book "The Cat in the Hat."Kidding aside, I like others before appreciate the hard work and creativity (wait for it) BUT I did not find it inspiring."

"Impressive work, a love lorn fan of the skyline of New York City and the effort that went into this has to be appreciated."

"Not much to shout about."

"Super cool! You have a ton of patience Peter!"

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