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Steve McGhee  Brantford, ON, Canada

'East Coast Sightseeing'
'Edge of the World'

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About Steve

Born and raised in London Ontario Canada, I grew up wanting to be a fireman” But as luck would have it, my teachers in Elementary and High School noticed that I had something they referred to as “artistic ability”. Drawing dogs and cats playing together under brightly coloured rainbows might have been cool for some kids” but mine was designing huge “torture houses”” large, 20+ room mansions filled with the most diabolical inventions of evil I could think of, every room more perverse than the last” which quickly became the subject of a conversation between my parents, my teachers and my family Doctor. Fear not, all was well with little Steven, it was just a phase.

By grade 8, my homeroom teacher, Mr. Webster wrote in my yearbook, “Most likely to be designing cereal boxes”. I came really close to designing cereal boxes when I worked as an illustrator for a children”s promo items” placemats, cups, etc., but alas, no cereal boxes.

Now, I”m a professional designer living in Woodstock Ontario, working in Brantford Ontario.

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'Under Water'


2 comments from the artist

"Thanx guys! Much appreciated. Prints available here >>> to be added soon."

"Cheers guys. Thanx!"

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"the waterfall reminds me somehow of brugel"

"Have also just thought it is about several different times in one painting maybe which is so clever - the river for example - as it was originally wild and untamed, then in mediaeval times in the city, then ours with the marine transport, finally the future (ufo-type flying machines). But it still looks like Prague to me as well with its very special feel!"

"are these inspired in a way at least by Prague? it was the reason I looked at them more closely - Prague/Praha captivates me in the way the atmosphere of these two does. Though maybe would prefer less of the 'sinister' and more of the mystic side of that!"

"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; victorious entrance into the future and against life threatening antagonism of the past.pic b; speculations of a sharp end to a civilized community."

"i love these paintings! in the first one the littel boy is totally obliviouse to whats happening behind him.the second one i just love no more work need be done to them..they are great"


"Both pieces of art are captivating."

"so morbid but amazing :D"

"Great work!!! Well done:D"

"Cool, and I like it !!!"

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