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John Grade  Seattle, WA

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About John

John Grade received his BFA from the Pratt Institute, NY in 1992, and has traveled extensively following his graduation, gaining critical exposure to the cultures and environments that have come to shape his artistic vision. Over the past decade, Grade has earned numerous grants and awards, including two 4Culture Special Projects Grants, three Artists Trust Foundation GAP grants, a Washington State Arts Commission and Artist Trust Foundation fellowship, an Andy Warhol Foundation Award, a Tiffany Foundation Award and residencies throughout the US and abroad. He has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums nationwide and his work has been featured in Art in America, Sculpture, The Boston Globe, and on NPR”s All Things Considered and Studio 360.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Gage Hamilton

Founder, Forest For The Trees & SODO Track

"I had the opportunity to see Middle Fork in Seattle, which was an ambitious and inspiring piece. I appreciate an artist that values the process, from creation to decay, and considers much more than the finished object."

Kevin Townsend

Boston, MA artist/educator

"Grade makes sculptural and installation works that resinate with me in a profound way. Grade's sublimely beautiful, minimal, sculptural forms poetically embrace both space and time and are marked by an incredible level of craft and attention to detail."

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"I think these are truly amazing. All I want to know is what material is the first one made out of? It looks like foam, I want to touch it. Great Job. Terrific work."

"The top slide brings to mind imagery which is reminiscent of some type of extraterrestrial udder."

"brilliant work and original."

"really great artwork. Wondering if John is the photographer or the artist. In any case, amazing gift of art! Thank You."

"I love art. But seeing art like this just takes me to a whole different world. This is a great example. Literally, this really does take me to a fantasy. You have created a form of art into something beyond the universe."

"#1 - he small and unimportant and wants you to understand that the picture of the man is just for size measurement and is obviously not the main idea and is of course part of a bigger picture. This artist sees life through his own eyes and not everyone else. Great work and as far as scoring goes - 9/10 - A/A+"

"The second one is a bit more easier to see as art while the first one is confusing. I like the second one better"

"My props to ya!!Good Job"

"when you first see it, you're like whaaat?? but then you go ohhh, i get and you can see how brilliant it is.Reminds me of an optical illusion"

"The first looks like a giant dog nose is sniffing at you, and it's so close you can see the pores. I like it."

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