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Joseph Broghammer  Omaha, NE

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About Joseph

For this series of pastel drawings, I used birds as a canvas or skeleton for my life experiences. Birds are familiar. My intent was to choose birds with the qualities and color of the feeling I was experiencing and push this otherwise controlled and dry medium to a point where it takes on an expressive, almost painterly quality. I chose bold colors and explored my ideas directly on the page.

Cairns can commemorate any sort of event, from a battle to a basket of eggs dropped. Some mark a path or a burial site. Likewise, each of the birds in this series represents an important moment in my life that I want to remember, whether it was good or bad. They are life lessons that I want to share with you. They are my cairns.

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"Joe, I absolutely love your work! Wish we could get together sometime...I'm back in Flandreau ?. Haven't seen you since high school graduation. Bonnie"

"Colorful, creative:) I love the birds. Both the paintings are exquisite."

"i love it !!!"

"Joseph - Don't stop the kind of art you are doing!!! It is very gratifying to hear another pastel lover and pencil lover. I am not even as brilliant as you but I do love my pencils and variations I can get with pastels and water!Yay for those mediums. I loved the whimsical bird with the roller coaster / amusement park body and legs. Reminds me of my youth, always day dreaming about the next carnival we'd go to , only I'd make some changes.( in my imaginary park, like you have).Loved the other for its brilliance, some times a sort of peacock or primary blue can dominate and overwhelm a drawing very quickly. But you mastered that! Good luck with your really beautiful work."

"im not guner pretend that i understand the meaning at all, im just gona say i just think that your work is wicked mate :)"

"Very impressive. Your use of medium, color, texture, and objects is fun, disturbing, creative, and expressive. It makes me want to see more. Great art."

"These birds would be nice as sculptures. So unique. :)"

"I enjoy the artist's commentary on using familiar objects as structure to build memories around. I don't see it coming together in an asthetically pleasing way in his work, maybe because I'm not so much a bird enthusiast. Despite that, the use of light and shaddow with those colors is really innovative."

"Your artwork involving birds fascinates me. I assume it hangs around you in your studio because of the personal stories each bird holds as part of your life. These birds should illustrate your stories in a book which I would so much enjoy reading. Let me know the title. e-mail: Joy Gush, Artist"


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