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Mark Boardman  Bristol, UK

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About Mark

My current project, Undercover, explores mortality and the fragility of human life, set on the British motorway. Road travel regularly places faith in the actions of others, as the slightest physical action can cause calamitous consequences, yet the monotony of the motorway offsets the constant danger of death against the steady advancement of white lines and overpasses.

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"Hi Mark, This is a year late but I really like these paintings, They remind me those winter days when one should stay home, reading and enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. How lucky it is for someone who needs help to have an ambulance on the way. The paintings have a melancholy feel to them and I can picture myself walking outside, enjoying the fog or small snowflakes they are drifting down, breathing in the moist air and being glad to be going somewhere where there will be light and cheerfulness. All our roads take us many places. I do not see death but an interlude to travel through to bright life. I am an optimist, by the way. Keep painting."

"Mark - I had to take a second look at your work, I was interested in not only your subject matter but what medium you used. I am new to this site so forgive me if I ask something that sounds dumb, OK? Anyway I really love your work. It has a ink wash or watercolor look to them but you add an edgy realism with the clarity of the ambulance and the street signs and oh how cool, streets from the U.K. where driving is on the opposite side of the U.S. Anyway good luck , you have a major talent and I am sure you'll go far."

"There is so much sadness in these painting, they make me want to weep!I guess, I am more in the mood for sunshine today!"

"there is beauty everywhere, in everything . . . we just have to train our eyes to see it."

"This is one of the rare occasions where I find myself voting above the curve. (I'm usually a pretty tough critic.) Maybe not every one is a masterpiece, but on balance, I really like what you're doing here.What surprised me more was how much I like your commercial illustration work."

"I don't get the subject matter. What is the purpose? There is value in realizing our own mortality but I don't think images suggesting violent death are the way to communicate it. A sense of human mortality can be life-affirming. I don't feel that in these images. I can say I appreciate the technique and style but feel the message has a negative feel, meant to frighten, and not life-affirming."

"it looks like a distant memory, in a fog.looking out of the passanger side,subconciously wondering.I LIKE IT!"

"Very interesting."

"I like these very much. Well done Mark."

"Although common, the road or motorway is still a very effective symbol for Life. How we are herded into lanes or 'streams' in a monotonous, seemingly endless daily grind towards- what? Anything might strike us at any moment. Death may come suddenly, yet we still move on, inexorably to the end. The drab quality of these paintings reflects the tedium of life for many. The emptiness is palpable. These paintings have promise."

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