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Patrick Higgins  Edmonton, AB, Canada

'Crowd 2'
Oil on canvas
'A Tentative Gaze'
Acrylic on canvas

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About Patrick

A 2002 alumnus of the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, Patrick Higgins lives and works in Edmonton, AB. Higgins is a member of and has instructed for Harcourt House Arts Centre. He is currently represented by Studio 21, Fine Art in Halifax, NS and his work hangs in many private collections throughout Canada.

Patrick explains the work by saying, “my interest is in attaining a balance between an illusion and the surface of the work that creates a tension. While I strive to present images that are realistic in that they should have the weight and presence of what is observed in life, they should often be elusive in detail and narrative.”

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"It reminds me of Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec as soon as i laid eye's on this, a very social feel/element to it. Nice :)"

"I like your work. They're like what you see when looking back at a memory or trying to remember your dreams. Or the world of someone nearsighted."

"What I see: someone working from photographs and not very well. Why the huge black blob in the bottom left? It's distracting and serves no purpose. Cut the noise. It's just a photo, a document to work from, nothing more. Flesh tones: Mauve. Mauve. Mauve. I see someone that needs to work on flesh tone.subject matter: unobtrusive camera shot=boring=safe for introverted artist."

"This is cutting-edge stuff. What is the medium?"

"Over all the painting is full of life...people who need people are very lucky!"

"The colors are great, I like it, but their are other races in the world. Like people of color maybe."

"some of you guys say some really pretentious things to sound smart cant you just say it looks creative and you like the colors the painter used"

"Touching and frightening. The paintings display the chaos, almost meaningless that sometimes characterize daily life, especially in crowds."

"Unique work and use of color."

"I'm not fond of this style. Parts are too much of a blur to me. But I do like the colors."

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